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North Korea Hit With Major UN Sanctions

Sep 13, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

North Korea Getting Illicit Supplies from Russia Despite Sanctions

U.S. law enforcement has evidence that North Korea is receiving illicit supplies from Russian smugglers in violation of the U.N. economic sanctions.

Kim Jong Un

Sep 08, 2017 AM EDT - Grace Lumayag

US Seeks an Asset Freeze for Kim Jong Un

US proposed new United Nations sanctions for North Korea including a Kim Jong Un asset freeze

Demonstrators Protest Over President Trump's Airstrikes In Syria

Apr 15, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Salugsugan

Syria Crisis: US Official Doubts Syria’s Chemical Weapon Production Capability

US senior official believes that Russia is trying to cover up what happened in Syria’s recent chemical attack. Meantime, US Pres. Trump announces that the US is not going into Syria.


Jan 04, 2017 AM EST - Christopher Williams

CNN Was Caught Using ‘Fallout 4’ Footage For A Hacking Story

The CNN uses a screenshot footage from a video game called "Fallout 4" as they uncover the truth behind the alleged hacking of Russia to the White House. CNN made a report about the hacking and was caught using a video game footage.

BEIJING, CHINA - JUNE 27: (CHINA OUT) South Korean President Park Geun-Hye disembarks the plane upon landing at Beijing Capital International Airport on June 27, 2013 in Beijing, China. Park Geun-Hye is on a four-day visit to China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via

Sep 04, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Pres. Park Geun Hye Defends THAAD Decision Prior to her Trip to Russia

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye once again emphasized that her government’s decision to install a U.S. antimissile system in the country was “an inevitable defensive measure,” adding that there would be no need for the system if there were no nuclear threats from North Korea.

SEOUL, NOVEMBER 13: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends during joint press conference with South Korean President Park Geun-Hye at the presidential Blue House on November 13, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. Russia and South Korea met to discuss economic

Sep 02, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Park Heads to Russia To Attend Economic Forum and Summit with Putin

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye is set to leave for Russia today to take part in an economic forum and a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The forum and the summit are part of hey eight-day trip which also includes trips to China and Laos.

(Photo by Jack Leonard/Getty Images)

Aug 15, 2016 PM EDT - Erlane Audrie

A 9-Year Old Russian Girl Has Been a ‘Delightful Treat’ in Recent Mosquito Festival

The small quiet town of Berezniki in Russia boasts of their annual Mosquito Festival competition.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaks during his annual news conference at the Russian Foreign Minister building on Jan. 26 in Moscow.

Mar 07, 2016 PM EST -

Russia's Foreign Ministry Blast Criticizes North, South And West In Dispute Over Training Exercises In Korean Peninsula

In the eyes of Russia's Foreign Ministry, there is more than enough fault to go around regarding joint military exercises between the US and South Korean armies that commenced Monday in the Korean Peninsula.

Scientist now seeking names and symbols for new elements. (Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Jan 05, 2016 AM EST - Jean Marie Abellana

Scientists Now Seeking For Formal Names, Symbols For Four Newly Discovered Elements

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced recently about the existence of four new elements to be included permanently in the Periodic Table of Elements.

Russian President Vladimir Putin talks about his daughters during a televised conference. (Photo by Chris McGrath / Getty Images)

Dec 21, 2015 PM EST - Diana Tomale

Russian President Vlamidir Putin Talks About His Daughters In A Televised Conference

Russian leader Vladimir Putin talks about his daughters, which is considered a rare instance since the president sternly protects his family.

(Photo by: Gokhan Tan / Getty Images News) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warns Russia not to

Nov 28, 2015 AM EST - Diana Tomale

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Warns Russia Not To 'Play With Fire'; 'We Don't Want These Relations To Suffer Harm In Any Way'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is waiting for Russia to apologize after a Russian jet reportedly veered into the airspace of Turkey. On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants Turkey to apologize for downing the Russian jet.

U.S. military(Photo by U.S. Navy via Getty Images)

Nov 16, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

U.S. Military To Provide Additional Weaponry For Syrian Opposition Forces

After the Syrian opposition forces have regained 255 square kilometers of land around al-Houl village in a recent operation, the U.S. and regional allies are now set to provide additional weaponry to the U.S.-backed Syrian forces fighting the Islamic State.

People light candles in memory of the victims of Airbus A321 crash at the Palace Square (Photo by L. Alexander Aksakov / Getty Images)

Nov 12, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

Kogalymavia Airbus A321 Flight 7k-9268 Crashes In Sinai

On Saturday, 224 people reportedly died in the Kogalymavia Airbus A321 Flight 7k-9268 plane crash in Sinai, Egypt. Authorities have yet to investigate on the cause of the tragedy.

(Photo by: Ash Carter / Flickr) US Senator John McCain says deal between US and Russian militaries is

Nov 11, 2015 PM EST - Diana Tomale

American Senator John McCain Brands Deal Between U.S. And Russian Militaries On Air Safety Over Syria As 'Immoral'

The US and Russian militaries recently agreed to avoid flight clashes over Syria, however, US Senator John McCain says the agreement is "immoral" and a betrayal to US-backed allies.

People mourn the victims of the Russian Airbus A321 crash at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersberg. (Photo by Alexander Aksakov/Getty Images)

Nov 09, 2015 AM EST - Therese Agcopra

Senior U.S. Officials Express Strong Belief That Russian Passenger Jet Was Downed By a Terrorist Bomb

Senior U.S. officials are growing increasingly confident that a terrorist bomb caused the downing of the Russian passenger jet that killed 224 people on board.

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