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The USS Benfold has been damaged during a scheduled towing exercise in Sagami Bay, Japan, when the Japanese tug lost propulsion and drifted into the destroyer.

Nov 20, 2017 AM EST - Maureen Blas

US Destroyer USS Benfold Wrecked: Japanese Tugboat Lost Control Smashing The Warship

Another US warship is again involved in a freak accident. The USS Benfold got damaged during a drill with the Japanese Navy forces when a tugboat drifted into the destroyer.

North Korea missile exploded: US intervention?

Oct 26, 2017 PM EDT - Rizza Sta Ana

North Korea Diplomat Says Atmospheric Nuclear Test Should Be Taken Seriously

Foreign minister for North Korea Ri Yong Pil told CNN that the nuclear bombing over the Pacific he announced last month is for real.

AFC Asian Cup

Oct 26, 2017 PM EDT - Jasper De La Cruz

Malaysia-North Korea Will Battle in Thailand for Football Qualifier

Thailand will be the neutral grounds for the long-awaited football match between North Korea and Malaysia. The unstable diplomatic relations between the two nations postponed the game. Game date is on November 10 to 13.

Winter Olympics

Oct 26, 2017 PM EDT - Jasper De La Cruz

Park Ji-sung Wants North Korea to Join Winter Olympics

Football star Park Ji-sung believes that North Korea should joing the Winter Olympics as it shows a good message. South Korea's Olympics commitee also downplays any threat that may arise in the event since it will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Trump and Obama

Oct 14, 2017 AM EDT - Kath Banoey

Donald Trump Continues To Expunge Barack Obama's Policies and Legacy

Donald Trump continues to dig holes in the legacy and policies established during Obama's administration. Why does Barack Obama remain silent about it?

Donald Trump

Oct 12, 2017 AM EDT - Athena

Trump Has 'Lit The Wick Of War' Against North Korea: US Flies Bombers, Special Forces In Training

North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho stated that US President Donald Trump had "lit the wick of war" against North Korea. In other related developments, a university of Hwaii instructed its students on how to prepare for a nuclear incident.

NEW TRAVEL BAN: President Trump announces new travel restriictions for 8 countries

Sep 26, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

President Trump: United States Travel Ban Has Been Expanded; Countries Were Added

Trump administration added three countries to the new travel ban.

US Flies Jets Over North Korea As Warning

Sep 26, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

North Korea Threatens To Blow Up U.S. Bombers; Claims That United States First Declared War

The tension between North Korea and the United States are shooting up as both leaders are exchanging insulting words.

Donald Trump

Sep 18, 2017 AM EDT - Carla Grace

US, South Korea Agree to Strain North Korea

The United States and South Korea vowed to coordinate with each other to halt North Korea's threats. US president Trump also mocked North Korea's Kim Jong Un and called him "rocket man."

North Korea

Sep 18, 2017 AM EDT - Carla Grace

North Korea Will 'Not Be Tolerated' Says US National Security Adviser

North Korea's threats will not be tolerated by the US. US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, says the country will not back down from North Korea and will take actions to protect itself as well as its allies.

North Korea Releases Video of Latest Missile Launch

Sep 15, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

North Korea Fires Missile Over Northern Japan

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile over Hokkaido, Japan. The missile covered a distance that would have allowed it to strike Guam.

UN Passes MASSIVE Sanctions on North Korea

Sep 13, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

UN's Toughest-Ever Sanctions on North Korea Fall Short of Total Oil Embargo

The UN has delivered the toughest-ever sanctions yet imposed on North Korea, after the US dropped demands for a total oil embargo and an asset freeze on Kim Jong Un.

North Korea Hit With Major UN Sanctions

Sep 13, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

North Korea Getting Illicit Supplies from Russia Despite Sanctions

U.S. law enforcement has evidence that North Korea is receiving illicit supplies from Russian smugglers in violation of the U.N. economic sanctions.


Sep 13, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

North Korea Warns 'Due Price' If Harsh Sanctions Will Be Posted On The UN Security Council Meeting

The resolution of the UN Security Council with North Korea has been revised. Consideration has been made.

Kim Jong Un

Sep 08, 2017 AM EDT - Grace Lumayag

US Seeks an Asset Freeze for Kim Jong Un

US proposed new United Nations sanctions for North Korea including a Kim Jong Un asset freeze

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Pentagon Releases Initial Teaser for 'Runaway' MV

YouTube Still of Pentagon's 'Runaway' Music Video Teaser

Nov 21, 2017 AM EST - Maggie Jann

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