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BTS V names by international fashion industry experts as best

K-WAVE - Mar 30, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

BTS V Fans Launch COVID-19 Relief Project, #WishYouASweetNight

BTS fans around the world are making efforts to support those effected by the COVID-19 outbreak and also those working in the front lines of the pandemic.

(Photo by: Alexandre Loureiro / Getty Images Entertainment) Legendary artist Elton John holds small-scale concert in Seoul.

US - Mar 30, 2020 AM EDT - Kayla Dodge

iHeart Living Room Concert for America Draws Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey & More for COVID-19 Relief

Elton John hosted "iHeart Living Room Concert for America" on Sunday, March 29 as a virtual benefit concert for those effected by COVID-19, coronavirus.

MONSTA X Joohoney

K-WAVE - Mar 28, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

MONSTA X Confirms Jooheon Will Return to Band After Mental Health Concern

MONSTA X is officially returning as a six-member group. Member Jooheon will be participating in the group activities after a a few months of rest. Starship Entertainment released a statement confirming the return on March 27.


Life - Mar 28, 2020 AM EDT - Kayla Dodge

3 Powerful At-Home Cardio, No Equipment Exercises to Stay Fit During Quarantine

Indoor exercising can be a drag if you you're used to a gym or outdoor recreation. However, there are a bunch of a effective moves you can do indoors to stay active and healthy during your time indoors.

Baby shark

Trending News - Mar 27, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

'Baby Shark' Promotes Coronavirus Hygiene With New Song

"Baby Shark" is back, with a few edits, to teach children good hygiene in order to prevent coronavirus, COVID-19. Pinkfong, the company behind the hit song "Baby Shark," released "Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark."


Life - Mar 26, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

5 Ways to Spend Quarantine Wisely, Learn to Cook Korean Food

There must be many things you always wanted to do but never had the time. As many states are under "stay-at-home" orders and social distancing keeps us from our normal routine, what better time to try new things-- like cooking Korean food!

 Instagram Changes Terms Of Service, Stirs Anger Among Users

Tech - Mar 25, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

Instagram Adds 'Co-Watching' Feature to Increase Online Social Engagement During COVID-19 Quarantines

While many Americans are under a government issued "stay-at-home" order, the social isolation is getting real. Instagram added a new feature called "Co-Watching." It allows for users to co-watch live videos with friends while on a video call.

Healthy pantry foods

US - Mar 24, 2020 AM EDT - Kayla Dodge

5 Healthy Pantry Foods to Eat During COVID-19 Quarantine

As many Americans are following orders for a "shelter in place," they've come face to face with the reality that its time to start cooking. According to a article from Forbes Magazine, about one-third of Americans eat out on a daily basis, as opposed to cooking their own food. COVID-19 quarantines and self isolation mean many are cooking at home, but don't even know where to start.

Australia's Channel 9 issues an apology over racist comments about BTS on its '20 To One' program. Photo by bts_bighit/Twitter

K-WAVE - Mar 23, 2020 AM EDT - Kayla Dodge

'Learn Korean With BTS' Offers Free Content to Connect Global Fans With Kpop Culture & Language

While citizens of the world are stuck at home, good news was released on March 22 for video-based content to help teach Korean to global K-pop fans. The project, called "Learn Korean With BTS," was announced by BTS's label Big Hit Entertainment.

MONSTA X admits lack popularity in South Korea in comparison to how warm they are received overseas. Photo by: MONSTA X / Facebook

K-WAVE - Mar 21, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

MONSTA X Wonho, Fans Speculate Whether Former Member Will Rejoin Group

Former MONSTA X member, Wonho, exited the group in October 2019. However, as Starship Entertainment has confirmed his innocence in the legal investigation, fans are wondering whether Wonho will rejoin MONSTA X.

food fruits berry

Trending News - Mar 21, 2020 AM EDT - Kayla Dodge

Best Foods to Boost Your Immune System, Prevent Infections

Healthy living can go along way to support your immune system and get your body stronger for fighting and even preventing infections. While food cannot treat COVID-19 or coronavirus, they can definitely help you in the long term to live a healthier life.

coronavirus nyc

US - Mar 21, 2020 AM EDT - Kayla Dodge

Coronavirus in NYC, Rate of Deaths Increases to One Person Per Hour

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to spread rapidly in New York City. The number of deaths on Friday, March 30 grew to 14, the first time the number reached double digits for a single day. The rate of deaths increased to one person per hour in the city.

Andrew Cuomo nyc

US - Mar 20, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

Cuomo Calls for 'New York State on PAUSE,' Dramatic Measures Taken to Stop Coronavirus Spread

Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued his most drastic measure yet to prevent the coronavirus or COVID-19 spread in New York State. The governor announced "New York State on PAUSE" on the morning of Friday, March 20.

BTS's Suga predicts Bangtan Boys' performing at the Super Bowl. Photo by BTS/Facebook

K-WAVE - Mar 20, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

BTS Makes History As First Korean Artists on IFPI Best Selling Album List

An announcement by the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) on March 19, 2020, made BTS a history making group yet again. The organization reported that BTS's album, "MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA," came in 3rd place

Actor Daniel Dae Kim: Korean Drama 'Good Doctor' Remake Tips The Scales of Popularity On ABC

K-PEOPLE - Mar 20, 2020 PM EDT - Kayla Dodge

Korean-American Actor, Daniel Dae Kim, Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Korean-American actor, Daniel Dae Kim, announced on Thursday, March 19 that he tested positive for coronavirus, COVID-19. The "Lost" and "Hawaii 5-0" actor shared a 10 minute video on Instagram explaining the process of his coronavirus diagnosis and current condition.

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