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German Astronaut Alexander Gerst, aboard the ISS

May 19, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

This First Person POV Spacewalk from ISS Will Blow Your Mind

NASA recently released a first person video from the perspective of astronaut Thomas Pesquet, and it is simply breathtaking.

A shooting star

May 19, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Elysium Space Will Turn Your Cremated Loved Ones into A Shooting Star

Elysium Memorial Spacecraft will hitch a ride on the SpaceX's Falcon 9 and will deliver your cremated loved ones into space, and turn them into shooting stars.

A hump-back whale dives right down, back into the depths of the sea.

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Mudit

The Indonesia Sea Monster Has Been Finally Identified

The recently washed up unidentifiable blob of sea monster that had washed ashore in Indonesia has been finally identified. The sea monster had taken the internet by storm, but now scientists have identified its origin.

One of the largest impact craters known to man, located in Lake Manicouagan in northern Quebec

May 15, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Huge Impact Crater Found: Belongs To An Asteroid That Wiped 90% Ancient Species Before The Dinosaurs

Impact Crater that may have wiped out 90% of the Ancient Species has been discovered.

Bone tissue being extracted from a mummy

May 14, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Ancient Burial Chamber Found In Egypt Which Contains 17 Mummies

Ancient Burial site with over 32 mummies has been discovered 25 feet beneath the surface of Minya.

a real lion

May 13, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

This Giant-Sized Lion Was Carved From A Single Tree Trunk And Took 3 Years To Complete: It Is Now The Biggest RedWood Sculpture In The World

Sculptor Dengding Rui Yao created a massive giant sized Lion from a single tree trunk that is 47.5 feet long, 16.5 feet high and 13 feet wide. The sculpture took 3 years and 20 men to complete.

New system by Cambridge Consultants uses Hololens to give Xray vision to surgeons.

May 11, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Soon The Microsoft HoloLens Will Give X-Ray Vision to Surgeons During Surgery

The development team at Cambridge Consultants has used the Microsoft HoloLens to develop an AR surgical system that grants the surgeon X-Ray vision.

The first robotic eye surgery in man

May 11, 2017 PM EDT - Rose

Robot Eye Surgeon, You Won’t Believe What This Machine Can Do Today!

The first-ever robotic eye human surgery just happened in the UK. Check out here why this technology will soon rival traditional human operations.

Global view of Jupiter's Moon: Io

May 11, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Scientists Discover Lava Lakes on Jupiter’s Moon Io

Lava lakes have been discovered on the hostile surface of Jupiter's moon: Io

Tiniest Giants: Discovering Dinosaur Baby Louie

May 10, 2017 AM EDT - Rose

'Baby Louie' Dinosaur Parentage Incredibly Reveals A New 'Baby-Dragon' Species

'Baby Louie' Dinosaur has finally found its real lineage. Find out here how the scientists put him under oviraptorosaurs or Beibeilong sinensis.

The Tahiti vs Brazil football match

May 08, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Watch: Coach Comes Out As A Transgender To His Football Team

The Coach of the Portland Community Football Club comes out as transgender to his team, marking an important moment in all their lives.


May 08, 2017 AM EDT - stphntapulao

HIV-Virus Defeated: Cure For Aids Discovered?

Another breakthrough was made in the field of science, as reports suggest that experts are on their way of discovering the cure for AIDs.

The milky way galaxy from Anawhata New Zealand

May 07, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Cloud of Gas Discovered In Space Is Twice Larger than the Milky Way Galaxy

Scientists discover a giant cloud of gas, 2x the size of Milky way near the Perseus Galaxy.

Prosthetic limbs under construction

May 06, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

New Prosthetic Hand That Can See Objects, Will Soon Begin Trials

A new version of the traditional prosthetic limb has been developed by researchers at New Castle University. The said prosthetic limb has the ability to see objects right in front of it.

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