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10 Ways Video Games Affect Your Brain

Oct 03, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

Gamers Exhibit Better Learning Abilities Than Non-Gamers in New Study

Brain researchers had gamers compete with non-gamers in a test of learning abilities. The gamers got better results in the test of probabilistic learning ability.

Healthiest Breakfast Foods

Oct 03, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

Skipping Breakfast May Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease

A new study has found a link between a habit of skipping breakfast and the risk of getting heart disease.

We’re STILL Not Saying It’s Aliens, But Tabby’s Star Is Getting Weirder

Oct 03, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Extraterrestrial Life: Senior Astronomer Claims That They Will Be Able To Prove The Existence Of Intelligent Life; 2 more decades

Senior astronomer claims to find the extraterrestrial life two more decades from now.

The Most Powerful Plant on Earth? | The Hemp Conspiracy | Documentary

Oct 02, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Medical Marijuana: Colorado Bans One Form Of This Type Of Medication; New Rules Need To Be Followed

Colorado bans one form of edible medical marijuana.

Model shares harrowing pics of the damage caused by a ‘bio hacker’ procedure to dye her eye PURPLE

Oct 02, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Sclera Modification Gone Wrong: Model's Eyesight Is Affected And Will Suffer Forever; Warns People Not To Undergo The Procedure

The victim of the sclera modification is now warning everybody not to have this procedure. Doctors have found an infection on the excess ink.

Here is Where You Can Get a Free Coffee for National Coffee Day

Oct 01, 2017 AM EDT - Nafeesa

Here is Where You Can Get a Free Coffee for National Coffee Day

Coffee chains offer free caffeine shots to customers across the US

5 Best Attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sep 29, 2017 PM EDT - Nafeesa

5 Best Attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios attracts over eight million yearly visitors. No matter the season, you choose for your visit, a day spent at the Hollywood Studios is sure to entertain you.

Don't be scared, watch this video Before it's too Late

Sep 27, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

End Of The World Update: Sept. 23 Debunked, Now Has A New Date; Will Mark The First Day Of Catastrophe

David Meade made another date for the end of days.

13 Noticeable Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Sep 25, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Down Syndrome: Mom Fights To Stop Abortion When Diagnosed With The Condition

Kelly Kuhns is currently fighting to stop abortion when the unborn child is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Hepatitis B Vaccination

Sep 21, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Hepatitis A Outbreak Recently Reached Los Angeles; Confirmed Cases Has Been Reported

After San Diego and Santa Cruz, Los Angeles is also suffering from Hepatitis A outbreak.

End of the World !! Mysterious Events ‘Signs Nibiru is COMING September 23’

Sep 21, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

End Of The World: Hoax, Scientists Debunks The Two Theories About End Of Days; Planet Nibiru Does Not Exist

End of the world will not happen on September 23, theories were proven a hoax.

Arctic Sea Ice from March to September 2017

Sep 20, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Global Warming: Arctic Sea Ice Is Currently Melting And It Is The Lowest Point; Records Show [Video]

Global warming continued to hit that the sea ice of Arctic is melting to its lowest point that is ever recorded.

Sep 20, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Affordable Care Act Back In Senate; Expected To Be Voted Next Week, Or Impossible To Be Approved

The Affordable Care Act is brought to life once again, as the Senate repeal it.

Italy's Campi Flegrei SuperVolcano eruption possibly closer than thought

Sep 20, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Potential Magma Source Has Been Identified By Scientists; Possibility To Predict The Eruption Of Italy Supervolcano, New Study Suggests

The researchers provide a benchmark that has the possibility to predict future volcanic eruptions.

People Afraid Of Commitment Get Tattoos

Sep 19, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

AAP Released Its First Ever Clinical Guidelines For Tattoos, Piercings And Body Modifications

AAP released its first ever recommendation with regards to tattoos, piercing and body modification on youth.

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