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Bruised woman (Photo by Tetra Images - Jamie Grill/Getty Images)

Dec 10, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

Medical Student May Face Expulsion From Chosun University

Following an alleged physical abuse incident on March, medical student at Chosun University is highly likely to face expulsion once Gwangju District Court raises his penalty from a fine to jail time.

The Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

Dec 01, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

China In The Final Stage Of Building World’s Largest Radio Telescope

China's military-led space program is in the final stage of contructing the world's largest radio telescope with a diameter of 500 meters known as the FAST.

Metformin tablets (Photo by Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Dec 01, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

Scientists To Conduct Study On Metformin As An Anti-Ageing Pill

In 2016, scientists from different institutions will conduct a trial on 3,000 people between ages 70 and 80 to test if Metformin could stop diseases and slow down the ageing process.

Pregnant woman (Photo by Gail Shumway/Getty Images)

Nov 30, 2015 AM EST - Czarelli Tuason

A New Fertility Test Identifies Premature Ovarian Ageing In Young Women

A new fertility test is available in Birtain and was designed by the Centre for Human Reproduction to detect premature ovarian ageing in young women.

200 professors in South Korea are facing plagiarism charges by claiming other authors' works as their own. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

Nov 26, 2015 AM EST - Therese Agcopra

200 South Korean Professors Face Charges For Copyright Breach; Plagiarism Continues to Grow Rampant In The Country

200 well-known professors and lecturers will be indicted for copyright breach after they releasing existing books and claiming it as their own work.


Nov 25, 2015 PM EST - Ji Hyun Joo

Is There A Difference Between North And South Korean Kimchi?

Kimchi isn't all the same.

South Korean health workers wearing a protective gear during the MERS outbreak (Photo by Jung Yeon Je/Getty Images)

Nov 25, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

South Korea’s Last MERS Patient Reportedly Dies

South Korea is now waiting for the formal declaration of WHO on the end of the MERS outbreak in the country as the last MERS patient reportedly died at the Seoul National University Hospital.

Students who prefer studying abroad decrease by 12 percent in 2014. (Photo by Chung Sung Jun/Getty Images)

Nov 25, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

South Korean Students Moving Overseas To Study Drop By A Third In Over 8 Years

Since the growing trend of sending South Korean students overseas to study throughout the 2000s, a significant decline by a third has been observed in over eight years due to improving English education system in the country.

Cho Jeong Ja and Lee Seung Woong | By: KAIST

Nov 25, 2015 AM EST - Czarelli Tuason

South Korean Couple Donates 6.4 Million USD To The KAIST

A couple in their 70s from South Korea donated three buildings worth a total of $6.4 million to the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Students at Hana Academy Seoul (Photo by Hana Academy Seoul)

Nov 25, 2015 AM EST - Czarelli Tuason

Hana Academy Seoul Under Audit For Alleged Admission Corruption

The Hana Academy in Seoul has been subjected to audit by the Ministry of Education after a teacher in the school allegedly reported a few school irregularities.

McDonald's in South Korea

Nov 18, 2015 PM EST - Ji Hyun Joo

South Korea’s McDonald’s Is Changing Things Up With Fried Churros

Fried churros are new to the McDonald's menu in South Korea, and they're already the most popular item.

Nobel Prize Winner

Nov 16, 2015 AM EST - Ji Hyun Joo

South Korea’s Ghent University Global Campus Is A Step Towards Earning The Country A Nobel Prize

Ghent University Global Campus is South Korea's new endeavor.

Study shows boys are more likely to be obese than girls in South Korea. (Photo by Chung Sung Jun/Getty Images)

Nov 13, 2015 AM EST - Therese Agcopra

Obsession On Physical Appearance Starts Early Among South Koreans, Pushing Young Girls To Begin Dieting

15 percent of girls and 10 percent of boys in South Korea are suffering from eating disorders.

Pepero | By: Lotte Confectionery

Nov 12, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

South Korea and Japan Celebrate Pepero and Pocky Days But Argue Over Who 'Owns' It

On Nov. 11, two nations battle over ownership of national celebration as South Korea celebrates "Pepero Day," while Japan celebrates "Pocky Day."

The government of Seocheon County and BirdLife International aims to conserve South Korea's coastal wetland Geum Estuary. (Photo by: ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images)

Dec 08, 2015 PM EST - Diana Tomale

Government Of Seocheon County And BirdLife International Sign New Memorandum of Understanding On The Conservation Of South Korea's Coastal Wetland Geum Estuary

The government of Seocheon County and UK-based BirdLife International signed a new memorandum of understanding on the conservation of Geum Estuary. A year ago, the two parties signed an MoU on a pilot project on migatory bird protection.

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