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Free Clinic In South Korea. (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)

Oct 27, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

3 Out of 10 Koreans Suffer Chronic Diseases

Recent statistics show that three out of 10 Koreans suffer chronic diseases which include high blood pressure and that they spent an estimate of 21.3 trillion won (US $18.8 billion) in 2015, a report by the Korea Times stated.

From hanok to a profitable guesthouse: How an entrepreneur made a living by giving his traditional hanok a twist.

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT - Fraeraine

From Hanok to a Profitable Guesthouse: How an Entrepreneur Made a Living by Giving his Traditional Hanok a Twist

A 32-year-old entrepreneur from Seochon gave his hanok a twist, earning profits in the process. Bae Kook Jin turned his hanok to a profitable guesthouse last 2012. And now, four years later, his guesthouse Sopoong is already one of the guesthouses with the highest rankings on TripAdvisor, a very popular travel review site.

MARLBOROUGH, MA - JUNE 23: GE Healthcare Life Sciences CEO Kieran Murphy stands for a portrait in the company's headquarters in Marlborough, Mass., on June 23, 2016. GE's life sciences division moved its headquarters from New Jersey to Marlborough, where

Oct 06, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

International Health Care Firms Build Up R&D Investment in South Korea

Industry officials announced on Wednesday that international health care firms are considering of building up their Research and Development (R&D) investment in South Korea as the nation becomes a new global biotech and medical industry hub.

'Chopsticks Festival' Opens In South Korea

Sep 29, 2016 AM EDT - Karen Lydelle Linaja

'Chopsticks Festival' Opens In South Korea

A festival of chopsticks will open in South Korea in the month of November. Chopsticks are valuable and traditional utensil in different Asian countries particularly in the households. The history of chopsticks started more than 2,000 years ago. It was invented in ancient China which is a pair of sticks with equal length. Some are made of plastic, bamboo, wood, and stainless steel.

South Korea’s Childbirth Rate Drops in July

Sep 28, 2016 AM EDT - Karen Lydelle Linaja

South Korea’s Childbirth Rate Drops in July

The number of childbirths in South Korea dropped in the month of July this year. According to the government data released on Wednesday, there is a rapid downfall in the number of childbirths in the country for almost 3 years until the month of July. Some of the causes are the late marriage and low birth rate in South Korea.

South Korea found a way to recycle CO2.

Sep 20, 2016 AM EDT - Agatha Austria

South Korea Helps Mitigate Carbon Footprints through Recycling CO2

South Korea found a way to reduce greenhouse gases emission through recycling carbon dioxide (CO2).

South Korean College Students Regret Their Choice of Major?

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT - Karen Lydelle Linaja

Most South Korean College Students Regret Their Choice of Major

The majority of South Korean college students show their regret about the choice of their respective majors.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - MAY 31: A South Korean man smokes in the street on May 31, 2005 in Seoul, South Korea. World No Tobacco Day is celebrated around the world on May 31 each year. Globally, tobacco kills five million people every year, according to the W

Sep 13, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

South Korean Longtime Smokers to Receive Free Lung Health Checkups

On Monday, the South Korean government said that it will begin providing free lung health examinations for smokers who have smoked an approximate of one pack each day for the past 30 years. This is a part of the country's extensive cancer management program.

First Robotic Eye Surgery a Success.

Sep 11, 2016 PM EDT - Agatha Austria

Surgeons Operate Robot Inside The Eye to Repair Sight

Oxford's surgeons performed a world's first robotic operation inside the eye to restore sight.

Sleep deprivation may cause anxiety.

Sep 09, 2016 AM EDT - Agatha Austria

Korean Employees Work for 10 hours and Only Get 6 Hours of Sleep

An online survey revealed that Korean workers spend over 10 hours daily on their jobs and only sleep for 6 hours.

First face transplant recipient declared dead.

Sep 11, 2016 PM EDT - Agatha Austria

First Recipient of Face Transplant Dies at 49

Isabelle Dinoire, first recipient of groundbreaking face transplant declared dead at 49.

As part of the electronic company's corporate social responsibility, Samsung will provide a

Sep 07, 2016 AM EDT - Agatha Austria

4 Korean Universities in Global Top 100 List

The Quacquarelli Symonds of the United Kingdom announced on Sept. 5 that Seoul National University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and Korea University landed on the 35th, 46th, 83rd and 98th places, respectively.

South Korea Warns About Spread of Zika Virus in Southeast Asia

Sep 06, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Zika, Cholera New Health Threats in South Korea

Due to the extraordinary heat and an increase in the number of South Koreans traveling overseas, an uncommonly high number of patients have been found out to be infected by diseases this year.

Giant Panda removed from endangered species list.

Sep 06, 2016 AM EDT - Agatha Austria

The Giant Panda Off the Endangered Species List

China's national animal, Giant Panda is out of the Endangered List after decades of conservation programs and effort.

Mother Teresa to be declared as saint on Sunday.

Sep 02, 2016 AM EDT - Agatha Austria

Mother Teresa Officially a Saint on September 4

The Roman Catholic Church will finally canonize Mother Teresa of Calcutta on September 4. The strong influence of Mother Teresa in the Church has led thousands of faithful supporters to witness the annunciation of her sainthood by Pope Francis at the St. Peter's basilica. She won the Nobel Peace prize because of her advocacies towards the sick and the poor.

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