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How To Manage And Avoid Getting Dry Eyes

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Oct 14, 2022 10:55 AM EDT
Eye Strain

Having dry eyes can be quite bothersome. It can occur during certain situations like after facing the computer screen for a long time or while riding a bike. The feeling that dry eyes give is almost similar to having sand in your eyes, causing a stinging or burning that can easily interrupt any activity you're doing. 

Dry eye disease or syndrome is a common condition that happens when your eyes don't produce as many tears as usual or when they don't provide enough to properly lubricate your eyes. Some of the common symptoms of this include redness and pain in the eyes, watery tearing, and blurry vision. Your eyes might also get tired faster than you're normally used to.


Our tears have three layers: an oily layer, a watery middle layer, and an inner mucus layer. Whenever the gland that creates the different layers of tears underproduces water, oil, or mucus or becomes inflamed, then this usually causes dry eye syndrome. Less oil means your tears will evaporate quicker and provide less moisture.

Other specific causes of the condition include exposure to the wind or dry air, allergies, constant exposure to a heater during the winter, LASIK eye surgery, long-term contact lens wear, and infrequent blinking.


Currently, dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition that doesn't have an outright cure. However, it can be managed. 

If you experience dry eyes in the morning, try avoiding airflow sources that can aggravate symptoms such as when you sleep directly below a ceiling fan. Applying ointments that last overnight can also help in maintaining moisture.

If you usually experience dry eyes at night, it may have something to do with your daytime activities. Prolonged staring at a computer or a book, as well as any activity that reduces your rate of blinking, can make your eyes become drier come evening. 

Give your eyes a break by doing some exercises like looking away and at something far or by rolling your eyes gently while keeping them closed to reduce tension. Maintaining adequate hydration like using a humidifier can help minimize symptoms that occur at night.

If your dry eyes are constantly affecting your vision, visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist as soon as possible for expert treatment. Specific diets and supplements can also keep your eyes healthy. KPTown's Nutridom Acai and Umeken Eye Clear help by eliminating eye fatigue and improving vision. Evergreen 7 in 1 Vision Eye and Preser Vision are also available at 28% and 31% off, respectively.

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