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South Korea's President Park Geun Hye | By: Pool | Getty Images

Sep 21, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Park Wants Gyeongju to Become a Special Disaster Zone

On Tuesday, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye asked to consider designating Gyeongju as a special disaster zone after it was struck by the strongest earthquake recorded in the country last week. The country reportedly felt hundreds of weaker tremors after that.

South Korea’s Post-Crisis Investment Remains Weak

Sep 20, 2016 AM EDT - Karen Lydelle Linaja

South Korea’s Post-Crisis Investment Remains Weak

The post crisis corporate investment in South Korea continues to remain weak.

View of National Earthquake and Volcano Center (NEVC), KMA

Sep 20, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Southeastern South Korea Hit by Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake

On Monday, the weather agency announced that a magnitude 4.5 earthquake hit near Gyeongju in the southeastern part of South Korea. The said earthquake occurred a week after two strong quakes struck the same city.

South Korea's Underground Economy Larger Than OECD Countries

Sep 19, 2016 AM EDT - Karen Lydelle Linaja

South Korea's Underground Economy Larger Than OECD Countries

The South Korea's underground economy size is greater than other advanced countries in the world.

EVIAN-LES-BAINS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 18: In Gee Chun of Korea plays a shot during the final round of The Evian Championship on September 18, 2016 in Evian-les-Bains, France. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Sep 19, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Chun In Gee Sets Record, Wins LPGA Major

Along with winning the final major at the 2016 LPGA season in France, Chun In Gee also set an impressive record to cap her victory, according to a report from Yonhap News Agency.

Ban Ki Moon urged parties to the Arms Trade Treaty keep from providing weapons to countries that might use them to cause harm to others. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Sep 19, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

UN Chief Weighs In on Giving Tougher Sanctions to North Korea

As the UN Security Council (UNSC) works on new sanctions to implement against North Korea for its latest nuclear test, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon appealed for a “tougher, clear message” to the communist nation.

Yim Jong Yong, South Korea's vice finance minister, speaks during an interview at his office in Kwacheon, South Korea, on Wednesday, June 9, 2010. South Korea needs more evidence of a sustainable economic recovery and a stronger global outlook before rais

Sep 19, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

South Korea Eyes of Becoming a 'Knowledge Hub' for Antiterrorism Financing

South Korean officials announced on Monday that the country is aiming to become a “knowledge hub” in antiterrorism financing as a new training center related to the mentioned industry was launched in the country.

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Sep 18, 2016 PM EDT - YuGee

South Korea’s Biggest Companies Post 3% Rise in Market Capitalization in 2016

It was announced on Saturday that the market capitalization of South Korea’s biggest conglomerates has increased by approximately 3 percent in 2016. Hyundai Heavy Industries Group is reported to have led the other companies in terms of market capitalization.

President Obama mocked at North Korean TV show.

Sep 18, 2016 PM EDT - Agatha Austria

North Korea Mocks Obama on National TV

The North Korea aired a satirical political comedy mocking U.S. President Barack Obama.

North Korea asks for donations for typhoon victims.

Sep 18, 2016 PM EDT - Agatha Austria

North Korea Urges Citizens to Help Flood Victims

Typhoon Lionrock devastated North Korea pushing the country to ask for donations from its citizens and the world.

North Korea demands recognition as a nuclear state.

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT - Agatha Austria

North Korea Demands Recognition as Nuclear State

Pyongyang stresses that sanctions are "laughable" and that the United States should recognize the nation as a "legitimate nuclear weapon state."

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - MAY 25: South Korean radiologists take part in an exercise in dealing with a possible radioactive terror attack at the Kimpo airport, on May 25, 2004 in Seoul, South Korea. The drill comes amid international concerns about terrorism a

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

South Korean Officials Verify Radiation Traces from North Korea's Nuclear Test

South Korea has yet to retrieve any traces of radioactive components from the latest nuclear test of the North Korean government. This was announced by a nuclear safety commission on Thursday, further confirming that the country is still safe from radioactive waste.

Young woman reacting to her smartphone, while another woman (also with a smartphone) tugs her arm. Myeongdong area of Seoul, South Korea.

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Why do Young Koreans Experience Stress During Chuseok and Other Traditional Holidays?

According to a survey of 1,921 workers by a job-seeking portal Job Korea, 69.2 percent, or almost seven out of 10 working Koreans, said they experience stress during traditional holidays, including Chuseok or the Korean Thanksgiving Day due to their nitpicking family members, according to a report from the Korea Times.

PAJU, SOUTH KOREA - SEPTEMBER 15: A North Korean refugee Kim Chang-Yeop (R) and his family members pay respects to their ancestors in North Korea during a ceremony to mark the Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving Day, at the Imjingak Pavilion, near the demili

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Celebrating Chuseok: What You Need to Know About the Korean Thanksgiving Day

For K-Pop fans, Chuseok means that we get to see idols in different Chuseok holiday specials of TV programs. Korean entertainment websites also publish photos of idols in their colorful hanboks while wishing the public a merry and fruitful Chuseok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving Day.

Photo taken Sept. 13, 2016, shows a B-1B Lancer bomber (C), which took off from Guam to fly over the Osan Air Base to the south of Seoul. The flight of the two bombers was apparently in warning to North Korea after Pyongyang carried out its fifth nuclear

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

North Korea Fumes Over United States' B-1B Bombers Flyover

On Wednesday, North Korea declared its disagreement with the United States' flyover of two B-1B nuclear-capable strategic bombers over South Korea and called the action “reckless provocations.” Officials of the communist nation also said that such activity should stop.

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