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Donald Trump

Sep 18, 2017 AM EDT - Faith Athaliah

US, South Korea Agree to Strain North Korea

The United States and South Korea vowed to coordinate with each other to halt North Korea's threats. US president Trump also mocked North Korea's Kim Jong Un and called him "rocket man."


Sep 14, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

North Korea Nuclear Test: 17 Times Stronger Than The Previous Tests

The experts analyze the Sept. 3 nuclear test and it suggested that it is more powerful than the previous one.

North Korea Hit With Major UN Sanctions

Sep 13, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

North Korea Getting Illicit Supplies from Russia Despite Sanctions

U.S. law enforcement has evidence that North Korea is receiving illicit supplies from Russian smugglers in violation of the U.N. economic sanctions.

Halimah Yacob

Sep 13, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

Singapore Welcomes a New President Despite No Election

Halimah Yacob has won the race for president of Singapore by default, without a single vote cast by the nation's people.

UN Passes MASSIVE Sanctions on North Korea

Sep 13, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

UN's Toughest-Ever Sanctions on North Korea Fall Short of Total Oil Embargo

The UN has delivered the toughest-ever sanctions yet imposed on North Korea, after the US dropped demands for a total oil embargo and an asset freeze on Kim Jong Un.

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft: A Journey's End

Sep 12, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

NASA: Cassini Spacecraft Will Have Its 'Final Kiss Goodbye' Expected To Burst Out Into Pieces This Week

NASA is forced to let the Cassini burst into pieces. It is expected to happen this coming Friday.

Sam Smith

Sep 09, 2017 AM EDT - Grace Lumayag

Sam Smith Releases A Long Awaited Single and Updates About His Life

Sam Smith releases a long awaited single after a year.

Kim Jong Un

Sep 08, 2017 AM EDT - Grace Lumayag

US Seeks an Asset Freeze for Kim Jong Un

US proposed new United Nations sanctions for North Korea including a Kim Jong Un asset freeze

Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser

Sep 09, 2017 AM EDT - Grace Lumayag

'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Was Pirated Billion Times

The recently concluded seventh season of "Game of Thrones" revealed to have been pirated for over 1 billion times.

The alleged Zenfone 4 Pro.

Jul 31, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

ASUS Zenfone 4 Pro Leaked Photos Go Online; Phone Lineup To Be Officially Introduced In August?

A couple of images featuring the alleged Zenfone 4 Pro are making rounds online.

A screenshot from

Jul 31, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Warframe' News, Updates: Baro Is Back With A New Cosmetic And Bundled Armor Set; Game Director Recalls Meeting With Bungie

"Warframe's" Void Trader is back with premium stash.

One the alleged leaked

Jul 31, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Overwatch' News, Updates: New Character Leaked? The Return Of Lucioball; New Patch To Tone Down Duplicate Goes Live

Rumors are getting rife that a new character may have been leaked online.

A promotional photo for

Jul 29, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Pokemon GO' News, Updates: Class Action Lawsuit Looms; A Couple Of Euro Events Postponed; New Patch Goes Live

A number of "Pokemon GO" fans are suing Niantic about the recent fiasco in Chicago.

The Regalia from

Jul 29, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Final Fantasy XV's' Sleek Ride Making Its Way To 'Forza Horizon 3'

The famous car in the "Final Fantasy XV" RPG will soon be payable in "Forza Hoeizon 3."

A promotional photo for

Jul 28, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Destiny 2' News, Updates: DLCs' Release Date Already Hinted? Open Beta For PC Now Has A Release Date

Some "Destiny 2" fans may already have an idea on when its DLCs would arrive.

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