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Global view of Jupiter's Moon: Io

May 11, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Scientists Discover Lava Lakes on Jupiter’s Moon Io

Lava lakes have been discovered on the hostile surface of Jupiter's moon: Io

Accident in Hiroshima Tunnel, March 17 2016

May 10, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

South Korea And China Tunnel Crash Kills 11 Children

A coach crash in a tunnel between South Korea and China resulted in the deaths of 11 young children that were traveling by the coach.

In-game screenshots from Niantic's

May 10, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

'Pokemon GO' News: Niantic Zeroes In On Spoofers And Snipers; Generation 3 Under The Pipeline?

Niantic has imposed soft bans on "Pokemon GO" cheaters.

OnePlus 5 leaks, specs & News

May 10, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

OnePlus 5 News: Leaked Rough Sketches Suggest Of Additional Features; Outperforms Galaxy S8 On Geekbench

OnePlus 5's alleged schematics have been leaked online.

The Progression From Graphite To Graphene

May 09, 2017 PM EDT - Rohit

Researchers Discover Faster Method To Produce Graphene

Over the past few years, researchers have tried coming up with ways that not only help fasten the process of obtaining graphene but also make use of the same in different factors.

The Piratebay's famed logo.

May 09, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

The Piratebay Co-Founder Devised A New Start Up Focused In Domain Privacy

Peter Sunde has recently launch a privacy-aware start up dubbed Njalla.

Dragon Ball mythos' Frieza.

May 09, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

Dragon Ball Super News: Episode 90, 91, 92, 93 Synopses Revealed; Frieza Storyline One Too Many?

"Dragon Ball Super's" synopses for upcoming episodes have been revealed.

Profile shots of the alleged Huawei Honor 9.

May 08, 2017 PM EDT - Eddie Ruse

Huawei Honor 9 News: Leaks Suggest The Absence Of A Key Feature; Just An Updated Honor 8?

Fresh leaks suggest that the Huawei Honor 9 could be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack as well.

The Tahiti vs Brazil football match

May 08, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Watch: Coach Comes Out As A Transgender To His Football Team

The Coach of the Portland Community Football Club comes out as transgender to his team, marking an important moment in all their lives.

OnePlus 3 Latest News & Update

May 08, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

OnePlus 5 News: Recent Leaks Suggest A Different Camera Setup; Famed Leakster Deems Phone A Possible Flagship Killer

New leaks suggest that the OnePlus 5 could have a different camera orientation.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4.

May 08, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

Xiaomi Redmi 4 News: To Be Made Known In India; Redmi 4 Prime Also Looms

Xiaomi's Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Prime is now India bound.

Normal busses at a busy intersection in Beijing

May 06, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Driverless Trucks Set To Take Over 16 Million Chinese Jobs

China is rapidly moving in the direction of an automated lifestyle, and this is the reason that the Country has been promoting the development of driverless truck to cope up with the recent lack of growth in the country's economy

The purported final render of the highly anticipated OnePlus 5.

May 06, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

One Plus 5: 'Flagship Killer' Pitted Against The Industry's Big Guns; Slated For A Summer Release

The upcoming OnePlus 5 has been deemed by some tech analysts to be a flagship killer that could go head on against Samsung and Apple.

The final render of the HTC U 11.

May 05, 2017 PM EDT - Eddie Ruse

HTC U 11 Smartphone: Company Ditching A Key Feature; All Set To Be Launched This Month

Phone maker HTC is said to have ditched an important feature on the phone that got fans quite disappointed.

Tupac Shakur being inducted in the Rock and Roll Halll of Fame. Snoop Dogg pays tribute on stage.

May 05, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Watch: Snoop Dogg Honor Tupac Shakur And Ganja

Watch Snoop Dogg pay his respects to Tupac Shakur in this video shot right after the Kushmore Tour.

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