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Brian Delaney playing

Jun 17, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

Bethesda's 'Fallout 4 VR' And 'Skyrim VR' Needs A Little More Polishing; 'Doom VFR' Could Be One Of The Best VR Titles For 2017

Game critics are having qualms about the graphical attributes of Bethesda's upcoming VR games - "Fallout 4 VR" and "Skyrim VR."

A screenshot of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor.

Jun 16, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

Conor McGregor To Be Fined If He Goes MMA Against Floyd Mayweather Jr.; The Notorious' Sparring Partner Favors The Money

Conor McGregor will be facing penalties if he kicks Floyd Mayweather on their August 26 superfight.

Ubisoft Monpellier's Gabrielle Shrager and Michel Ancel from the

Jun 16, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Beyond Good and Evil 2' To Be Playable On Current Game Platforms? Creator Revealed The Game's Current Status

"Beyond Good and Evil 2" is rumored to be playable on all current major game platforms.

The alleged final render of the OnePlus 5.

Jun 16, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

OnePlus 5 News, Updates: Big Reveal Just Days Away; Final Render Leaked By An Online Retail Store

OnePlus 5's final renders may have been leaked by an online phone case maker.

A promo photo for Niantic's

Jun 15, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Pokemon GO' Fire And Ice Solstice Event Goes Live; Other Gen 2 Monsters Making Their Debut?

"Pokemon GO's" Fire and Ice event finally goes live.

A screenshot from the new

Jun 14, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'God of War' News, Updates: New Teaser Showcased Sony; Son To Kickoff Ragnarok?

Sony has recently released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming "God of War."

A screenshot from

Jun 13, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

Bethesda's Upcoming Games Revealed; Two New Games And VR Titles Bared

Bethesda has just announced their upcoming games and add-ons at this year's E3.

A screenshot from

Jun 12, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Final Fantasy XV' News, Updates: Off-Roading With The Regalia; 'Episode Prompto' Hints Of A New Battle System

Square Enix has recently dropped the upcoming updates for "Final Fantasy XV."

A screenshot from

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood' News & Update: To Be Made Playable On Switch? To Have Two Graphic Settings On PS4 Pro

Square Enix is thinking of porting "Final Fantasy XIV" to Nintendo's Switch console.

A promo photo for

Jun 07, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Overwatch' News, Updates: Double XP About To Drop This Weekend; Mobile Game Ripoff Looms

Blizzard is about to end its "Overwatch" anniversary event with a bang.

NASA Juno Spacecraft

May 30, 2017 PM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

NASA Juno Spacecraft Revelations: Southern Lights, Magnetosphere, Massie Cyclone formed The Biggest Planet Of Solar System

NASA's Juno spacecraft is back with some amazing information about the largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter. The spacecraft images have revealed latest information about the largest planet. The magnetosphere has created a new mystery with massive cyclone and southern lights.

The Pirate Bay

May 30, 2017 AM EDT - Kriti

This Is How The Pirate Bay, Extra Torrent, KickAss Torrent & Other Torrent Sites Makes Money

It appears like the major Torrent-websites churn out over $227 million each year by merely allowing advertisers to market their product on their website.

Gong Yoo

May 29, 2017 AM EDT - Choi Ahn Jie

Gong Yoo's CNN Interview Reveals How Much He Hates His Newfound Fame

"Goblin" actor Gong Yoo was recently featured in CNN's "Talk Asia" where he opened up about the negative side of fame. The actor was featured for being one of the top influencers in the Asian entertainment industry following the success of his film "Train to Busan" and his series "Goblin: The Great and Lonely God."

South Korea’s New President, Moon Jae In, Wishes To Meet Mark Zuckerberg

May 28, 2017 AM EDT - Ella

South Korea’s New President, Moon Jae In, Wishes To Meet Mark Zuckerberg

Moon Jae In recently responded to an email sent by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and expressed that he wanted to meet in person someday.

51 Koreans Arrested For Smuggling Gold In Genitals

May 27, 2017 PM EDT - Ella

51 Koreans Arrested For Smuggling Gold In Genitals

Dozens of people were apprehended for smuggling over 5,000 lbs of gold at the Incheon International Airport.

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