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Intel Core i9

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

Intel Core i9 Processor Failed To Satisfy Enthusiastic PC Builders, 18 Cores/32 Threads Chip Launched Hastily To Respond AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Intel Core i9 series is failed to meet the requirements of PC makers. The 18 cores and 32 threads chips were just a response of AMD's Ryzen Threadripper.

A screenshot from

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood' News & Update: To Be Made Playable On Switch? To Have Two Graphic Settings On PS4 Pro

Square Enix is thinking of porting "Final Fantasy XIV" to Nintendo's Switch console.

This image from the Microsoft Xbox trailer shows a tent with '6 > 4' written on top of it.

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Mudit

New Teaser For XBOX Scorpio Contains Secret Messages About Its Performance And Release Date

Microsoft teased the upcoming Xbox console with 2 new trailers this weekend. Just like any teaser, the video got analyzed and searched by people all over the internet for clues and Easter Eggs. The most prominent ones, suggest an increase in performance and supposedly give away the console's release date.

Keynote Address Opens Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Luis

Apple iOS 11 Latest News & Update: Apple Finally Puts A Stop To Jailbreaking

Over the years, the practice of jailbreaking iPhones has become so rampant, that even one can just jailbreak their devices at the comfort of their home. Apple seems to be taking a stronger stand against jailbreaking their devices since the release of iOS 10.3.1, in fact, hackers have yet to find a way to exploit it.

The Nintendo Switch trial unit at an electronics store.

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Mudit

EA Sports to Come Out with a Different ‘FIFA 18’ For the Nintendo Switch: No Journey Mode

EA Sports recently announced the development of FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch which got fans all over the world excited. But there is a catch, the game will not have the much appreciated last year's journey mode.....nor will the game be called FIFA 18

Red Dead Redemption 2 leak

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Leak Revealed Jack Marston’s Character, Flashback Sequences, Location & Kidnapping Feature

The trailer of "Red Dead Redemption 2" looked promising and it seemed that the game will enhance the old west experience. New details about the game are circulating on the Internet which revealed the story, characters, and location of the game.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

Nintendo Switch Owners Can Still Hope for ‘Pokemon Stars,’ ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon’ Exclusively Launched for Nintendo 3DS Says Pokemon Company

Nintendo Switch owners were disappointed for not seeing "Pokemon Stars" as their first Pokemon game. Pokemon Ultra sun and moon is exclusively announced for Nintendo 3DS owners.

The official trailer of 'The Sims 4: Fitness

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Robie Ferrer

‘The Sims 4’ Updates: 'Fitness' Teaser Unveils Return Of Climbing Wall

More details about the upcoming “The Sims 4: Fitness” stuff pack will be unveiled when game developers release the said DLCs official trailer.

The Pirate Bay

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Kriti

Torrent Download: Three Ways To Download Content From Torrent By Hiding IP Addresses

one of the best ways to ensure that the user privacy is not disturbed is simply made use of VPN services while indulging in the activity of downloading torrents.

Lenovo Tech World

Jun 09, 2017 AM EDT - Pradeep

Moto Z2 Play Hands-On: An Ultimate Android Monster With Cutting-Edge Specs

Moto Z2 Play sports a modular design tagged along with an amiable design.


Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Pradeep

AMD Unveils Its Anticipated Radeon RX Vega GPUs

The actual launch of the RX Vega might take place later, perhaps several weeks later to be specific.

Keynote Address Opens Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Jun 07, 2017 AM EDT - Luis

iOS 11 Update: Official Release Date & How To Install Beta Version Easily

iOS 11's refinement and redesign of Apple's iOS ecosystem has been the talk of the town in the past 2 days. Since it's unveiling at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, everyone is wanting to get a hold the new version of iOS.

A promo photo for

Jun 07, 2017 AM EDT - Erwin Ruse

'Overwatch' News, Updates: Double XP About To Drop This Weekend; Mobile Game Ripoff Looms

Blizzard is about to end its "Overwatch" anniversary event with a bang.

The upcoming 'The Sims 4' Eco-living themed DLC marks the first collaborative project between gamers and game developers. (The Sims/YouTube)

Jun 07, 2017 AM EDT - Robie Ferrer

‘The Sims 4: Eco-Living’ DLC Updates: Park Ranger Career Included In Proposed Features; Final Clothing Items Revealed

The upcoming “The Sims 4: Eco-Living” stuff pack might include a new career track, as well as new traits and interesting gameplay elements.

MacBook Pro 2017 Release Date, Update & News

Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

MacBook Pro Features & Specs: New Laptops Feature New Faster Processors, Graphics and Solid State Drives

Apple has introduced innovative technologies at its WWDC event this week. One of the major introductions was the refreshed MacBook Pro. The new laptops have the same design as the previous design, but they feature new processors that should provide a speedy experience.

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