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NES Classic Edition

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

Sega Genesis Mini Console Underwhelms NES Classic Edition Buyers, Poor Emulator & Lack of Pre-Install Games are Reasons for Failure

Sega Genesis can fulfill the demands of NES Classic edition buyers. But the developers have to fix poor emulators, pre-installed games and many others things to win the hearts of Nintendo Fans.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Latest News & Update

May 18, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Latest News & Update: Dual Sim Updates Android Nougat As Galaxy S8 Reveals Slower Storage?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 gets the Android Nougat update for both the single and dual-SIM variants. Meantime, reports suggest that Galaxy S8 has removed the UFS 2.0 features, which means a slower storage for the device.

Apple Watch Latest News & Update

May 18, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

Apple Watch Latest News & Update: Earnings Remain A Mystery; Update Makes Gas Payment Easier

Apple Watch earnings have never been disclosed to the public, though a recent revelation by Tim Cook seem to suggest a likely hint. Meantime, gas payment can now be made through the wearable device.

Tesla Latest News & Update

May 18, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

Tesla Latest News & Update: Electric Vehicle Problem Solution Revealed As Record Revenue Unraveled

Tesla is reported to invest on a startup project that aims to solve the dead battery problems. Meantime, the company also posted its record revenue.

Moto C Series Release Date, News & Update

May 18, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

Moto C Series Release Date, News & Update: Leaks Reveal Entry-Level Specs Gets Bluetooth 4.2, No Fingerprint Scanner In Affordable Price

Moto C series is expected to come with a number of entry-level specs, given that the device will be less expensive. However, leaks reveal that the upcoming smartphone will not have a fingerprint scanner.

Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update

May 18, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update: Supply Shortage, Artificial Scarcity? ‘Mario X Rabbids’ RPG Supported

Nintendo Switch supplies are hard to find these days, and reports claim that this is due to the unexpected higher demand, which rumors claim as just an “artificial scarcity.” Meanwhile, “Mario X Rabbids” is one of the new games set to come to the console.

The Sims 4: Parenthood' game pack will be released on May 30, 2017 for PC and MAC. (The Sims/YouTube)

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - RG Ferrer

‘The Sims 4: Parenthood’ DLC updates: Official Trailer Unveiled; What To Expect From Game Pack

The upcoming “The Sims 4: Parenthood” game pack will include new aspirations, traits, Sim interactions, a new skill and more.

LG G6 Mini

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - stphntapulao

LG G6 Mini Specs And Details Revealed, Device Imitates iPhone 7?

LG is all pumped up to release another smartphone that would definitely be a huge craze in the market, the LG G6 Mini. What could it offer to the public?

iPad Pro review

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

iPad Pro 2 & Siri Speaker Predicted To Unveil Together In WWDC 2017 Event

These past months, it has been rumored about the new iPad Pro 2 arriving in WWDC 2017 event, but it was solidified by the latest predictions by the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kou.

OnePlus 5 Preview: Everything we know so far

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

OnePlus 5 Release Date & Update: Device Might Be The Most Powerful Smartphone Of 2017

Plenty of rumors and speculation surfacing online about this OnePlus 5 handset device, however, none of these rumors are officially confirmed by the manufacturing company.

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

‘Pokémon GO’ News & Update: Gym Rework Expected To Arrive This Month

The Niantic is keeping on with the updates for their popular mobile game and players are speculating that the game developer is preparing something else for this month.

The Comeback Trailer | Crash Bandicoot® N. Sane Trilogy | Crash Bandicoot

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

‘Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy’ Release Date & Update: Remastered Game Only PS4 Exclusive For One Year

As for now, there are still no official details on what gaming platforms this “Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy” remastered game will arrive next year.

A concept art of

May 16, 2017 PM EDT - Eddie Ruse

'The Last of Us 2' News, Updates: New Fan Theories Arise As E3 2017 Nears; Ellie Having Side Effects Due To Her Immunity?

New rumors about "The Last of Us 2" has been making rounds online suggesting plausible story plots.

Sony's New Game Unit, Playstation 4 Goes On Sale

May 18, 2017 AM EDT - Kriti

'Injustice 2' Released Trailer For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Highlighting Super, Customization And More

'Injustice 2' is a game of Customization as its most important component. Gear system allows players to change the appearance and stats of the characters.

Xbox Video Game

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Kriti

Free Xbox Games May 2017: Final Chance For Gold Members To Get Freebies on Xbox Games

The Force Unleashed Two. 15th May is the last chance to claim these freebies for gold titles.

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iKON Releases Teaser For Its Comeback Album

iKON - 리듬 타(RHYTHM TA) M/V

May 22, 2017 AM EDT - stphntapulao

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