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Pan-Cooked Beef Salad

Jul 03, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Have A Beefy Twist With Pan-Cooked Beef Salad

We give you the ingredients and basic steps on how to cook this fancy dish that you can have for yourself or with your summer buddies.

Hayan Tree

Jun 24, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Restaurants in South Korea Implement ‘No YouTube Zone’

The implementation of this policy began after numerous claimed YouTubers film in restaurant establishments without proper permission from the management.

Bulgogi Burger

May 26, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Let’s Try: Korean Beef Bulgogi Burgers!

Craving for a burger but Korean style? We recently stumbled upon Korean Beef Bulgogi burgers that are just so yummy that we just have to share.

Chicken Gimbap

May 20, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Yummy Gimbap For The Chicken Craving Soul

We absolutely love making this because it satisfies the cravings for gimbap and chicken.


May 18, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Love Sandwiches? Here's How You Can Make It More Delicious

Recently, we have been craving to making our own sandwiches at home that it had us thinking if there are better ways to spice it up and make it more delicious?

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

May 14, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Korean Rice Meal Recommendations

Hungry for some Korean food? Now we got you covered with some excellent Korean rice meals that you can try making at home or have some in a local restaurant near you

Restaurant Reservation

May 11, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Why Restaurant Reservations Are Better

While we were recently sharing about our latest food cravings and recommendations here in Korea Portal, we just thought about stuff related to reserving a table for the restaurants you would like to try.

Korean Street Toast

Apr 17, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Korean Street Foods To Try: Savor Your Tastebuds With These

This week, we are going to savor your tastebuds with our highly recommended Korean street food to try out.

Korean Chicken Noodle Soup

Apr 17, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Korean Soups To Try In The Convenience Of Your Own Homes

This week, we listed down some of our favorite soups to try, which we are confident that you would love to have every mealtime.


Apr 10, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Love Beef? Savor These Delicious Korean Beef Dishes

We carefully went through some of our top picks and here are some delicious dishes that you should try soon.


Apr 02, 2021 AM EDT - Cindy Chan

Here Are The Best Korean Restaurants Located In Europe

The love of Europeans for Korean cuisine deserves attention.

Beverage pairings

Apr 01, 2021 AM EDT - Jon Agustin

How To Choose The Perfect Beverage To Pair With Your Korean Food

We also got the list of the best beverages that can be paired with Korean cuisine.

Custard Bread

Mar 31, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Mouthwatering Korean Desserts You Can Try Right Now

Craving for something sweet? Here are some of our mouthwatering Korean desserts that you can try out right now!

Farm-to-table restaurant

Mar 25, 2021 AM EDT - William Huntington

Best 5 Delicious Farm-To-Table Korean Recipes

Locally-sourced, delicious, and fresh Korean food everybody will love.


Mar 23, 2021 AM EDT - Jon Agustin

Korean Recipes You Can Do With Coffee

Today, it's the cook-off! What are the best Korean recipes you can do with coffee?

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