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K-PEOPLE - Feb 23, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

SHINee Earns Top Spot On iTunes Chart

SHINee has returned! Their new album “Don’t Call Me” is gaining success as it reaches the top spot on the iTunes charts.

Ubud, Indonesia

World - Feb 22, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Places On Earth That Are Good For The Health

Hot springs, waterfalls, and beaches -- there are simply places to visit that will enhance your well-being.

Novak Djokovic

US - Feb 22, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Djokovic Wins Historic 18th Grand Slam Title At The Australian Open

Novak Djokovic defeats Daniil Medvedev clinching his Australian Open championship and 18th Grand Slam title.


K-PEOPLE - Feb 22, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

BTS Almost Ready For Their 'MTV Unplugged' Presentation, Looks Royalty On The Teaser

Their "MTV Unplugged" special will showcase this February 23rd at 9 p.m. Eastern standard time.

Heart Health

Life - Feb 20, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Best Supplements That Will Strengthen Your Heart Health

The supplements will prevent you from getting coronary artery disease, pericardial disease, heart failure, and more.


US - Feb 20, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Beyoncé Partners With Adidas, Here's How You Can Purchase The Collection

International pop singer Beyoncé has been promoting the collection over the previous weeks. Now, it is officially launching.

Winter storm impact

US - Feb 20, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Texas Winter Storm Is Crippling Businesses In The State

Several industries are affected, with retailers closing and many flights being canceled.


Life - Feb 19, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Calcium Is Vital For Optimum Health

KP Town has the best supplements with calcium. What can calcium do for your health?

Kendall Jenner

US - Feb 19, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Kendall Jenner And Boyfriend Devin Booker Receive Custom Gift From Louis Vuitton

Get to know the details of this Louis Vuitton custom gift here.


Life - Feb 18, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Pillows And Good Health

Beyond offering you better sleep, pillows can provide more benefits for optimum well-being.

'DOTA: Dragon's Blood'

World - Feb 18, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Popular Battle Arena Game 'Dota 2' Is Now A Netflix Anime Series!

Netflix is innovating its offers, including the launch of "Dota: Dragon's Blood" in its anime lineup.


Life - Feb 17, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Everything You Need To Know On Nootropics

See if nootropics are ideal for your health.


US - Feb 17, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

South Asian Actress Simone Ashley Will Be The Leading Lady On 'Bridgerton' Season 2

It has been said that Simone Ashley will stir a Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle-like rivalry in the show.

Emma Stone

US - Feb 17, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Official Disney Reveal: Emma Stone's Punk Rock Look In Cruella De Vil Live-Action

The official trailer for "Cruella" will be unveiled this week.


Life - Feb 16, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Best Foods You Can Prepare For Your Children's School Lunchbox

Schooling may be mostly virtual these days, but you can prepare tasty homemade lunchbox dishes for the kids.

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