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Apple Introduces New Products

Jun 11, 2017 AM EDT - uc131uc7ac (Seong Jae)

iPad Pro 2 Specifications & Updates: The Latest Product Released By Apple

Apple, best known for its iPhone, iPad, Mac computers iPod and the Apple Watch has announced the launch of the new iPad Pro 2. This was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in California. This announcement is a surprise to consumers.

Jun 11, 2017 AM EDT - uc131uc7ac (Seong Jae)

‘Fairy Tail' Chapter 539 Spoilers & Rumors: The Return Of Natsu And Acnologia

"Fairy Tail" is reaching its final chapters and fans can't wait to see how the manga will end. Based on the title, there are speculations that the protagonist Natsu and the most powerful evil dragon Acnologia, will return in the next episodes.

South Korean actor Gong Yoo (tvN Drama/YouTube)

Jun 11, 2017 AM EDT - uc131uc7ac (Seong Jae)

‘Goblin’ Gong Yoo Causes Distractions for Kim Min Jae, ‘Train to Busan’ Star Still Rocks; Here’s Why

"Goblin" star Gong Yoo was rumored to cause some distractions for Kim Min Jae. It appears that during the shooting for KBS show, "Happy Together," Min Jae felt a pang of jealousy for Gong Yoo.


Jun 08, 2017 AM EDT -

SISTAR News: Girl Group Reaches Stage 4; 'Inkigayo' Show Revealed Bora, Dasom, Hyolyn, and Soyou On Board

SISTAR once again dominated the halls of news owing to its forthcoming presence in “Inkigayo.” Besides the show, the members namely Bora, Dasom, Hyolyn, and Soyou are reported to reveal more intriguing things with their upcoming music.

170122 Bi Rain & Kim Tae Hee @ Incheon Airport on the way to honeymoon

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT -

Rain Wants His Dog to Marry; Wife Kim Tae-Hee Supports Him Big Time

Love continues to surround the life and home Rain, Song Hye Kyo’s former co-star in “Full House.” It appears that after the marriage with Kim Tae-Hee, Rain is now on the search for the lucky dog to be a part of their growing family.

Far Cry 5 : Official Announce Trailer | Ubisoft [US]

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT -

'Far Cry 5' News: Update a Controversial One, Age Of Trump Creates Issues for Ubisoft; What We Know So Far

Recent reports are not boding well for “Far Cry 5.” There are claims coming about the upcoming update would be a controversial one and it might spark issues for Ubisoft in the latter days.


Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT -

‘The Surge’ News & Update: 1.03 Fixes Causes More Issues, Glitches Escalates for Deck 13; Interesting Things to Know

The update for the “The Surge” has been reported to bring in more problems than fixes. Deck 13 may have released the update, but the problems continue to soar.

[MV] GAIN(가인) _ Paradise Lost

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT -

Ga In in Deep Trouble; Resorted to Marijuana; Secrets Revealed

Ga In faced a lot of hurdles and speculations after she post on her social media account last June 4. It appears that the singer took to Instagram the conversation that she had with one of her peers.

OnePlus 5 Release Date, News & Update

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT - Guenee Simmons

OnePlus 5 Release Date, News & Update: Latest Leaks Reveals Dual Cameras, 5.5-Inch Display, USB-C, 4K mAh Battery At $650

OnePlus 5 leaks provide images of the new flagship, revealing its likely specs and features like the dual camera setup. However, the much awaited smartphone is also believed to come at a more expensive price tag.

Billboard Music Awards 2017

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT - Guenee Simmons

BTS Billboard Music Award Makes History As First Ever Kpop Crossover; ‘Armys’ Overwhelm Social Media

BTS attended the Billboard Music Awards, joining some of the biggest names in the music scene. The Kpop group’s fans called “Armys” took to social media to express their support for their idols.

BTS Latest News & Update

May 30, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

BTS’ Rap Monster Reveals Goals Following ‘Unimaginable’ Win At Billboard Music Awards: World Stadium Tour Coming Up

BTS’ Rap Monster said that their group looks forward to having a world stadium tour. He also said that winning an award at the Billboard Music Awards was “unimaginable.”

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 Latest News & Update

May 30, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 Latest News & Update: What Will You Get With $75?

NVIDIA has released a new low-end graphics card for the entry-level. The new chip, which is powered by Pascal architecture and costs around $75.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, News & Update

May 30, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, News & Update: Specs Way Better Than Any PC? Fourth Quarter Release Final?

Microsoft Surface Phone is rumored to come with features and specs that may replace the PCs. The upcoming device is expected to arrive this year for the Holiday season.

MacBook Pro 2017 Release Date, Update & News

May 30, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

MacBook Pro 2017 Release Date, Update & News: 13-Inch, 15-Inch Models Carry New Graphics Architecture; No Thunderbolt 3 Ports?

MacBook Pro 2017 is rumored to come in two variants with a faster and more powerful processor. While no release date has been provided, Apple is expected to announce the new laptop at the WWDC 2017 event.

BTS Latest News & Update

May 30, 2017 PM EDT - Guenee Simmons

BTS Latest News & Update: Billboard Music Award Beats Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber; Gets Derogatory Comments?

BTS won the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist, beating US artists Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and Selena Gomez. However, the South Korean boy band got derogatory comments from some netizens.

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