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EXP Edition

Apr 20, 2017 AM EDT - Trisha Cerdena

EXP Edition Update: Non-Korean Boyband Living in Seoul Gains Fame in K-Pop World

Despite having American members, boyband EXP Edition is set to make a name for themselves in the K-pop world after releasing their debut single, "Feel Like This."

Venues And Townscape Ahead Of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games

Apr 19, 2017 PM EDT - Trisha Cerdena

South Korea Set to Hold Nationwide Shopping Festival "Korea Sale FESTA" in Fall

South Korea is set to carry out a nationwide shopping festival in the fall, known as the "Korea Sale FESTA" in efforts to improve domestic consumption and attract foreign consumers.

Women in South Korea's workplace

Apr 18, 2017 AM EDT - Trisha Cerdena

Women in Korea: Female Executives Remain Few in Korea's Major Financial Firms

New data has found that major financial organizations in South Korea, including banks and insurance companies, seldom place women in high-ranking positions in the workplace.

The U.S. Vice President Mike Pence Visits South Korea - Day 1

Apr 17, 2017 AM EDT - Trisha Cerdena

North Korea Failed Missile Test: US Vice President Mike Pence Promises Americans’ Commitment to South Korea, Asian Allies

A day after North Korea's failed missile test, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence arrived in South Korea and emphasized the Trump administration's commitment to its Asian allies.

South Koreans using Samsung's Android smartphones

Apr 17, 2017 AM EDT - Trisha Cerdena

South Korea Society: Smartphone Addiction Reaches 'Serious Levels' Among Young South Korean Women

New findings from the South Korean government point out smartphone addiction among young women aged 18 and older, including physical and mental withdrawal symptoms in the absence of a smartphone.

A screenshot of a B-1B heavy bomber.

Apr 02, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

North Korea's Recent Actions Dubbed 'Reckless' By U.S. Defense Secretary; Pyongyang Slammed West Of B-1B Flyby

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis dubbed North Korea's actions as reckless.

Super Junior's Henry Lau

Mar 11, 2017 AM EST - Eddie Ruse

South Korean culture's global influence can be contributed to KPop; Canada welcomes hallyu with open arms

The South Korean culture in Canada was well-received by the locals as some Universities are now conducting Korean language classes.

USA Vs China: THAAD missile system begins deployment in South Korea, China angered - TomoNews

Mar 10, 2017 AM EST - Eddie Ruse

South Korean Pop Culture Suffers After China's Embargo; Tensions In The Region Higher Than Ever

The South Korean pop culture has been suffering as of late due to China's ban on everything South Korean.

EXO during their

Mar 10, 2017 AM EST - Eddie Ruse

KPop Stars On A Financial Debacle Due To China's Ban In Retaliation To South Korea's THAAD

South Korea's THAAD defense system has resulted in its Kpop stars to get banned in mainland China.

North Korea Launch of a New Ballistic Missile Pukguksong-2

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST - Luigi Joson

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles; South Korea Military On Alert

A report from Seoul has verified that four missiles were launched and three of them have fallen over Japanese waters.

 A North Korean defector tells his story to a reporter in the streets of Seoul. (BBC News / YouTube)

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST - Luigi Joson

South Korea Has Increased The Incentive To Bring In High-Level North Korea Defectors

Defectors from the North will now receive a total of $860,000 when they go over to South Korea.

Daily Life In Pyongyang

Mar 01, 2017 AM EST - amrin

North Korea Executed 5 Deputy Minister-Level Officials; A Continuing Tension Between Neighbors?

Recently, South Korean lawmakers claimed that five North Korean officials have been executed by the anti-aircraft guns. The five North Korean officials are working under the deputy minister who worked under the recently fired state security chief Kim Won-hong. The officials have been executed because of developing false reports to the North Koreans leader Kim Jong-un.

Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon abandons South Korea presidency bid

Feb 02, 2017 AM EST - Hayden Thomas

Ban Ki-moon Will Not Run For President In South Korea

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced Wednesday that he will not run for the presidential elections this year in South Korea.

황교안 권한대행, 바른정당 대변인에 항의성 전화 논란 / YTN (Yes! Top News)

Jan 25, 2017 AM EST - Hayden Thomas

Conservative Dissenters Create New Party In South Korea

Some 30 South Korean lawmakers founded a new center-right formation, the Bareun Party, which will be the fourth political force in the 300-seat National Assembly.

Pokémon Go Gamers Flock to Sokcho, South Korea

Jan 25, 2017 AM EST - Hayden Thomas

Pokémon GO Finally Reaches South Korea

For the time being, there is no indication of its arrival in China

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