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TWICE's music video for 'Wake Me Up.' Photo by TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel/YouTube

May 21, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

TWICE News: 'Wake Me Up' Holds Top Japanese Chart Spot For Four Days; Mini-Album For April Successful

TWICE is enjoying its immense success not just in South Korea but also in Japan thanks to its cute mini-album.

Joy during a performance in Red Velvet's music video. Photo by SMTOWN/YouTube

May 21, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Joy Bags Individual Girl Group Top Brand Value Ranking For May; Red Velvet On a Consecutive Monthly Winning Streak For Rankings

Joy of Red Velvet continues to bag winning streaks of top brand value rankings, the girl group is now continuing its winning monthly streak.

Black Nut in a rapper show in South Korea. Photo by Mnet K-POP/YouTube

May 18, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Korean Rapper Black Nut Under Fire For Attire During Court Trial

Black Nut draws the ire of a lot of people given his outfit during a court trial stunt.

Lee Seo Won during a performance number. Photo by KBS World TV/YouTube

May 18, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Lee Seo Won Officially Removed From 'Music Bank' Following Sexual Assault Of Female Colleague

Lee Seo Won is now experiencing the results of his harsh actions against a female colleague and might soon lose any spark in his career.

Portrayal of a victim of sexual assault in one of Lady Gaga's songs. Photo by Lady Gaga/YouTube

May 17, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

South Korean Actor And MC Reportedly Assaulted And Threatened Female Colleague With Weapon

A male celebrity in South Korea got in a big trouble after sexually assaulting and threatening a female celebrity colleague.

Screengrab from the trailer for 'Burning.' Photo by PLAYYMOVIE/YouTube

May 16, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Jeon Jong Seo Under Fire For Negative Expression Towards Reporters

Jeon Jong Seo is not yet that popular, though she already has negative publicity early in her career.

Cruz Beckham in one of his music videos in the West. Photo by Cruz Beckham/YouTube

May 16, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

David Beckham's Son Cruz Beckham Might Join K-Pop According To Reports

Cruz Beckham might be planning to make his father David a proud one by allegedly auditioning for a K-pop role.

Bora in one of her music videos back when she was in SISTAR. Photo by starshipTV/YouTube

May 15, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Bora To Visit Sunggyu During Mandatory Military Service; Promises Cafe Date After Discharge

Bora is going to visit friend Sunggyu during his mandatory military service enlistment tour.

Sunggyu in one of his music videos. Photo by 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

May 15, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

INFINITE's Sunggyu Prepares For Mandatory Enlistment; Bids Farewell To Fans

Sunggyu will take a while before being able to perform alongside his brothers in INFINITE again.

Steven Yeun in a South Korean show. Photo by KBS World TV/YouTube

May 14, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Steven Yeun News: Actor Apologizes For Liking Japanese Equivalent Of Nazi Sign; Koreans Still Unsatisfied With Apology

Steven Yeun apologizes for an offensive cyber-gesture to the South Korean people, but his apology might be lacking.

Momoland and its members Nancy and Yeonwoo are two of the most popular members of the K-Pop girl group. Photo by momoland_official/Instagram

May 11, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Momoland's Chart Manipulation Accusation Reaches Verdict; Hanteo Chart Refuses To Accept Results

Momoland continues to fight for their innocence in lieu of the continuing chart manipulation accusation from Hanteo Chart.

Cho Hyun Min during a public appearance. Photo by OhmynewsTV/YouTube

May 11, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Korean Air's Cho Hyun Min Faces Threat Of Permanent Deportation If Guilty

Cho Hyun Min might not be able to return to South Korea again due to her alleged crimes.

A gate leading to the Blue House. Photo by Andy's Awesome Adventures/YouTube

May 11, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

North Korea K-Pop Performers Invited To Blue House; Includes Red Velvet, Seohyun, & More

Performers of the North Korea cultural exchange are being invited to South Korea's Blue House for luncheon and a performance.

Bae Suzy in one of her music videos. Photo by jypentertainment/YouTube

May 09, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Bae Suzy Might Reunite With Lee Seung Gi For New Big K-Drama

Bae Suzy and Lee Seung Gi might reunite after five years for a big K-Drama, though both will have to agree on their role offers first.

Lee Jun Ki during a concert. Photo by Black Hole/YouTube

May 09, 2018 AM EDT - Sid Natividad

Lee Jun Ki News: Actor Almost Got Beat Up On 'Lawless Lawyer' Set For Arriving Late

Lee Jun Ki arrived 10 minutes late for the set of 'Lawless Lawyer' and was almost assaulted by a co-star.

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