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Metro Detroit mom sentenced to 7 days in jail for not vaccinating her child

Life - Oct 13, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Vaccination Update: Mom Sent To Jail For Refusing Court Order Is Now Devastated Knowing Her Son Got Vaccinated

Upon refusing the court order to have her son vaccinated the mom was sent to jail. During the time that she was there, her son got the shots.

Processed Food Documentary - Processed Food vs. Nutritional Needs

Life - Oct 11, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Obesity Rate: 10 Times Higher Found On Teens And Children; New Study Suggests

The rate found in both children and teens that are being affected by obesity has gone 10 times compared to 40 years ago.

Supreme Court Tosses One of Two Travel Ban Challenges

US - Oct 11, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Travel Ban: One Effort Of President Donald Trump To Have A Ban On The Country Dismissed By The Supreme Court

Travel Ban by US President Donald Trump has been dismissed by the Supreme Court.

SpaceX landing compilation / best landing montage

Life - Oct 10, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

SpaceX: Clean Sweep For Iridium Communications; Successfully Launch And Landed The First Stage Booster Of Falcon [VIDEO]

SpaceX again successfully delivered Iridium Communications, Next Satellites. Definitely regained its name.

3D Medical Animation - What is a Heart Attack?

Life - Oct 10, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Heart Attack: New Study Suggests That Consuming This Type Of Food Lessen The Risk; Research Reveals

Researchers advise eating this very common fruit to lessen the risk of heart attack.

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Heroes Trailer

Trending News - Oct 10, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

'Justice League' New Trailer Has Been Released; Is Superman Coming Back? Can Bee Seen In The New Teaser [Video]

Is the most waited comeback of Superman going to happen? Critics think so. Watch the latest trailer of "Justice League."

The Moon - the Earth's natural Satellite

Life - Oct 09, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Earth's Moon May Have An Atmosphere Billion Years Ago; New Study Suggests

A Recent study suggests that the moon has an atmosphere billion of years ago.

Top 10 Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions in History

Life - Oct 09, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Massive Volcanic Eruptions In The Tropics Can Cause Global Weather Events; Additional Danger To The Natural Phenomenon

An additional problem may be caused by the massive volcanic eruptions.

White House Time-Lapse: Raising the Commemorative HIV/AIDS Red Ribbon

Life - Oct 09, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

HIV: Gov. Pass A New Bill To Lower Down Sentence For HIV Positive People To Have Sex Without Telling Their Partners

The Governor signs a new bill to lower down the sentence for HIV positive people that have sex without telling their sexual partners.

Tabby's Star: Berkeley investigates mysterious star

Life - Oct 07, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Scientists Unfolds The Mysterious Dimming Of Tabby's Star; It Is Not An Alien Megastructure

Scientist explains the cause of the mysterious dimming of Tabby's Star.

How It's Made Honey

Life - Oct 07, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Bess Are Slowly Declining; Humans Add More Problems While Using Pesticides; Study Found That Honey Are Contaminated

Bees payback humans with contaminated honey. Currently happening worldwide.

[ENG] Produce 101 Season 2 It's Meringue Time! Park Sungwoo

K-PEOPLE - Oct 06, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Park Sung Woo: Former 'Produce 101 Season 2' Contestant Cheers For Wanna One, JBJ And RAINZ Despite Being Eliminated

Despite his elimination on "Produce 1" Park Sung Woo supports JBJ and Rainz.

Metro Detroit mom sentenced to 7 days in jail for not vaccinating her child

Life - Oct 06, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Vaccination: Mother Refuse To Get Her Son Vaccinated Despite Court Order, Now She Is Going To Experience Jail Time

Mom refuse to have her son vaccinated, will experience jail.

Volcanoes on Mars vs Earth Comparison - Animated Comparison - Silent

Life - Oct 06, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Red Planet: Volcanoes Found On Mars Are Incredibly Older Than The Ones Here On Earth; Research Says

Volcanoes found on Mars are older than the Earth's volcanoes. Difference on who they grow has been studied.

Medical abortion - Proceeding with Abortion Pills - Best Available

Life - Oct 05, 2017 AM EDT - Elon A.

Doctor Demands Access To Abortion Pills; ACLU Files A Lawsuit Challenges FDA

A doctor demands access to have an abortion pills in his country.

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