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May 18, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Love Sandwiches? Here's How You Can Make It More Delicious

Recently, we have been craving to making our own sandwiches at home that it had us thinking if there are better ways to spice it up and make it more delicious?

Restaurant Reservation

May 11, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Why Restaurant Reservations Are Better

While we were recently sharing about our latest food cravings and recommendations here in Korea Portal, we just thought about stuff related to reserving a table for the restaurants you would like to try.

Instant Ramen

May 08, 2021 AM EDT - Serena Martinez

Give Your Instant Ramen Noodles A Tasty Twist

With a lot of variants available on the market today, sometimes you would feel that each of them feels like there are some things missing.

Beverage pairings

Apr 01, 2021 AM EDT - Jon Agustin

How To Choose The Perfect Beverage To Pair With Your Korean Food

We also got the list of the best beverages that can be paired with Korean cuisine.


Mar 23, 2021 AM EDT - Jon Agustin

Korean Recipes You Can Do With Coffee

Today, it's the cook-off! What are the best Korean recipes you can do with coffee?


Mar 17, 2021 AM EDT - Cindy Chan

Quick And Easy Korean And American Fusion Meals

What happens when Korean and American dishes blend together? A gastronomic delight.

Korean food

Feb 23, 2021 AM EST - Genesis Tan

Tastiest Korean Recipes For The Winter Season

The winter is ongoing and is the best time to treat yourself to the tastiest Korean recipes.


Feb 16, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Best Foods You Can Prepare For Your Children's School Lunchbox

Schooling may be mostly virtual these days, but you can prepare tasty homemade lunchbox dishes for the kids.


Feb 04, 2021 AM EST - Cindy Chan

Does Korean Soju Wine Offer Benefits For The Health?

Previously, you learned about Korea's national drink, the soju wine. Now, you will get to know its benefits for your health.

Coca-Cola with coffee

Feb 03, 2021 AM EST - Genesis Tan

Coca-Cola Launches Coke With Brazilian Coffee

It's the perfect way to boost your energy in the daily grind.


Feb 03, 2021 AM EST - Genesis Tan

Two Asian Flavors Unite: Korean-Indian Fusion Dishes To Try

Prepare your palates for two of the world's best cuisines, Indian and Korean food.

Green tea

Feb 02, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Here Are The World's Healthiest Beverages

Here are the healthiest beverages and the products you can supplement them with.

Stress-fighting foods

Jan 28, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Stress-Reducing Foods That Should Be In Your Meals

Every day, people are dealing with stress. There are foods that will help you combat this.


Jan 28, 2021 AM EST - Genesis Tan

Best Korean Wine Soju Recipes You Should Try

Despite being named the "worst Korean food," there are various recipes you can make with this ultimate Korean wine.

Homemade Kimchi Fried rice topped with fried egg on skillet

Jan 14, 2021 AM EST - Jon Agustin

Learn About The Fascinating History Of Kimchi

Let's take a tour down memory lane and learn about the fascinating story of Korea's favorite delight.

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