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May 29, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

‘I’ll Be Lonely When You Leave’ CL Reveals She Was Immensely Emotional After 2NE1’s Coachella Performance

Why did CL cry hard after 2NE1's Coachella performance? Find out here!

Yoo Jae Suk, CL, and Jo Se Ho

May 25, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

2NE1’s CL Apologizes To Jo Se Ho For Drunken Actions At Taeyang’s Wedding

Why did CL have to apologize to comedian Jo Se Ho? Check out their interaction on "You Quiz On The Block" here!


Apr 20, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Minzy Reveals That She Was Worried Prior To 2NE1's Surprise Coachella 2022 Performance

Why was Minzy worried prior to 2NE1's surprise Coachella performance? Find out here.


Apr 19, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

BIGBANG T.O.P Underfire From Fans After Allegedly ‘Throwing Shade’ At BLACKPINK

T.O.P has recently garnered criticism from fans after supposedly shading BLACKPINK. Find out what the BIGBANG member did here.


Apr 19, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

CL Reveals The Real Reason Why 2NE1 Had A Coachella 2022 Reunion

CL explains why 2NE1 performed together at Coachella 2022! Find out what the K-pop idol expressed here.

2NE1's Sandara Park

Apr 18, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Sandara Park Recovers Gracefully After Hilarious Accident During 2NE1’s Coachella 2022 Performance

How did Sandara Park recover from a mishap during 2NE1’s Coachella 2022 Performance? Gracefully. The K-pop idol recovered gracefully.


Apr 18, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

2NE1 Shocks The World With A Surprise Reunion At Coachella After 6 Years

CL was slated to perform at this year's Coachella, but the K-pop idol surprisingly brought some friends! Can we expect to see more from 2NE1?


Mar 30, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

BTS, EXO, TWICE: Here Are The Most Streamed K-Pop Idol Groups On Melon!

We listed the most-streamed K-Pop idol groups on Melon.

TWICE's Tzuyu

Feb 02, 2022 PM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis

BTS, BIGBANG, SEVENTEEN Dominate, & aespa, BLACKPINK, TWICE On Top, MelOn’s Most Searched K-Pop Groups!

Who are the most searched K-pop groups on MelOn? Find out here!

TWICE Chaeyoung

Jan 06, 2022 AM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis

TWICE Is K-Pop’s ‘Twitter Queens’ Of 2021, See Full Rankings

TWICE welcomes 2022 as K-Pop’s “Twitter Queens.”


Jan 05, 2022 AM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis

BLACKPINK, TWICE, ITZY: 25 K-Pop Girl Groups With The Most Subscribers In YouTube!

In this article, we listed the K-Pop girl group YouTube channels which kicked off the New Year with the most number of subscribers!


Dec 22, 2021 PM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis

YG ‘Gave Up’ On 2NE1 After Not Being Able To Control One Of The Members!

CL finding out why 2NE1 disbanded, BLACKPINK debut, and more! Here is why 2NE1 really disbanded!


Dec 18, 2021 AM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis

CL Reveals How She Truly Felt When She Found Out About 2NE1’s Disbandment!

How did CL find out about 2NE1's disbandment? Find out here!


Dec 02, 2021 AM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis

BLACKPINK Is K-Pop’s ‘YouTube Queens,’ See Full Rankings

In this article, we ranked the most subscribed channels of K-Pop artists on YouTube. See the full rankings below.

NCT's Johnny

Nov 09, 2021 AM EST - Victoria Marian Belmis

BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, EXO, & More, K-pop Groups Who Were Supposed To Debut With More Members!

Was your favorite K-pop group originally slated to debut with more members? Find out here!

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