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Top 50 Strongest Anime & Manga Characters

Oct 26, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

Anime Revenues Hit a Record 2.0 Trillion Yen: Is It the 4th Anime Boom?

The anime industry rose in market value for the sixth year in a row, reaching a worth of 2.0 trillion yen (US$17.5 billion) in 2016. This may be the 4th anime boom.

Guardians of Galaxy Epcot Announcements

Oct 04, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Rollercoaster Ride Coming to Disney World's Epcot

The upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" ride will be the first-ever rollercaster attraction in Epcot.

South Korea Bans Virtual Currency

Oct 01, 2017 AM EDT - Nafeesa

South Korea Bans Virtual Currency

The Korean ICO ban-which comes just weeks after China issued a blanket ban on this nascent funding model-could have far-reaching implications

Korean Technology Companies Launch Products at GITEX Shopper 2017

Oct 01, 2017 AM EDT - Nafeesa

Korean Technology Companies Launch Products at GITEX Shopper 2017

Korea’s leading electronics brands are attracting Middle Eastern shoppers with compelling offers and latest product launches at the Gitex Shopper

Prosecutors want Martin Shkreli's bail revoked

Sep 14, 2017 AM EDT - John Rosca

Martin Shkreli Jailed Over Facebook Post Targeting Hillary Clinton

Infamous "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli has landed in jail after a U.S. federal judge revoked his bail Wednesday over a Facebook post about Hillary Clinton.

GameStop Corp. To Report Quarterly Earnings

May 17, 2017 AM EDT - Pradeep

‘GTA 5 Online’ Receives A Major Update Plus ‘GTA 5 Online’ Gun Runner Updates

"GTA 5 Online" contains a race called the Beach Party. Players get the opportunity of using the Blazer Aqua quad bike.

Samsung has been given permission to start testing its self-driving cars on the roads in South Korea.

May 04, 2017 AM EDT - Eddie Ruse

Samsung Bound To Topple Intel's Reign As Top SoC Maker Says Analyst

Samsung is likely to take over Intel's top spot in the chip making market.

Emblem3 and MKTO in live concert

May 03, 2017 PM EDT - Mudit

Twitter News And Updates: Live Streaming Feature To Be Launched Soon

Twitter, to soon allow live streaming of live musical concerts and other live music on it's social platform.

Display of Apple's iPhone 7 at an electronic store in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Apr 30, 2017 PM EDT - Alpha

Apple Appreciates Kids Spending Time At The Apple Store; Now Converting As Free Education Centres

After finishing school and ready to hang out with friends, there's so much of time for students to visit coffee shops, diners, bookstores, movie theaters, comic book stores. But Angela Ahrendts, Apple's head of retail, wants kids to be at an Apple store.

The Apple Logo is displayed on the exterior of an Apple Store in San Francisco, California.

Apr 30, 2017 PM EDT - Alpha

Apple Gains A Major Dollop Of Profits In Stockprice, Earnings Report And Tax Climate In Trump's First 100 Days Of Presidency

Hitherto Apple stock is the biggest winner of Trump's presidency. Apple shares have accumulated more than 20% since Trump entered the White House, making the tech company the best-performing stock in the Dow Jones industrial average during Trump's first 100 days.

Customers lined up  in Apple store to pay cash for  for new iPad 3 in New York city, U.S.

Apr 30, 2017 AM EDT - Alpha

Merriam-Webster Lexicon Summates Apple Fans For The Word "Sheeple" As With Social Media Swipes At Trump Administration

The most popular lexicon, Merriam-Webster has defined its new word "sheeple," as those who are "easily influenced." The emerging compendium of the English language has made headlines recently with social media swipes at the Trump administration. In Merriam-Webster's twitter account, it's subtweeted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' use of the word "historical," confronted Kellyanne Conway's use of "alternative facts" and schooled Sean Spicer with an explanation tweet defining "claque," or a group of people paid to applaud a speaker.Now, the dictionary is aiming at Apple fans by using the word "sheeple."

Apple new Retail Store in Nanjing Jinmao Plaza, Nanjing City, China.

Apr 30, 2017 AM EDT - Alpha

Apple, Waymo, Ford, Uber, Tesla, and Toyota Propose California To Foster Cutting-edge Self-driving Test Car Policies

Apple Inc proposed to California to strengthen its advanced policy on testing self-driving cars, a stratagem that would result in more public data more to help Apple get to hold off competitors in the self-driving space to give a better boost to Apple's SWOT analysis.

The Apple Logo is displayed on the exterior of an Apple Store in San Francisco, California.

Apr 30, 2017 AM EDT - Alpha

Apple To Announce Earnings Report For The Quarter With Expectations Of Revenue Between $51.5B And $53.5B

Apple will be announcing earnings report for the quarter. Being one of the most valuable companies in the world, iPhone remains as popular product of the company and it is expected that nearly two or three new iPhones will be introduced this fall. As Apple's Q1 last year, this year also the first quarter ends low with seasonal depression.

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