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Former T-Ara member Areum talks about past controversies & her road to recovery. Photo by:  Abiz - Entertainment Buzz / YouTube screenshot

Feb 20, 2018 AM EST - RD Revez

Former T-ARA Member Aerum Breaks Her Silence On Past Controversies, Shares How She Recovered

Aerum finally speaks up on the controversies she was put in last year & she shares her journey to recovery.

T-ARA members with Boram and Soyeon

May 07, 2017 PM EDT - Rose

T-ARA’s Boram & Soyeon Issue Might Push Group's Comeback Much Later

Find out here the latest news about T-ARA's comeback. Know why Boram and Soyeon's leaving might affect the date.

Ryu Hwayoung

Feb 17, 2017 AM EST - Chiqui Guyjoco

Ryu Hwayoung Switches Bitchy Mode On As Areum Discovers New Version Of Herself

T-ara's bullying controversy, unfortunately for the current members, is not dying down anytime soon as former members Ryu Hwayoung and Areum continue to add fuel to the fire.

(T-Ara) I'm Park Ji Yeon (eng sub)

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST - Chiqui Guyjoco

T-ara’s Jiyeon Postpones Solo Comeback After Bullying Scandal Resurfaced

Jiyeon's management agency MBK Entertainment just confirmed that Jiyeon's solo comeback has been put on indefinite hold as the T-ara bullying scandal hit the news again.

T-ara's former member Ahreum

Feb 11, 2017 AM EST - Chiqui Guyjoco

Former T-Ara Member Ahreum Gives Different Response On Latest Revelations Of Bullying Scandal

The 22-year-old former T-ara member clarified that everyone misunderstood her initial response surrounding the latest revelations of a former T-ara staff member who leaked a screenshot of KKT messages between her and Hwayoung's older twin sister Hyoyoung.


Feb 10, 2017 AM EST - Chiqui Guyjoco

T-ara’s Agency And Ahreum Confirm Hwayoung-Hyoyoung Twins Were Guilty On Bullying Scandal

The girl group's agency MBK Entertainment revealed what truly happened five years ago while former member Ahreum declared her loyalty to her former members.

Ryu Hwayoung

Feb 09, 2017 AM EST - Chiqui Guyjoco

Hwayoung Claims Yoo In Na’s 'Goblin' Role And Kim Ji Won’s 'Descendants of the Sun' Role Were Almost Hers

The 25-year-old rapper-actress revealed she almost got the part of Yoo In Na in "Goblin" as well as Kim JI Won's role in "Descendants of the Sun."


Feb 09, 2017 AM EST - Chiqui Guyjoco

T-Ara’s Former Manager And Staff Reveals Hwayoung Was Playing Bully Victim

The infamous bullying scandal that haunted girl group T-Ara since 2012 resurfaced with a new twist - this time painting alleged bully victim Hwayoung and her twin sister and fellow rapper-actress Hyoyoung as far from innocent.

(T-Ara) I'm Park Ji Yeon (eng sub)

Feb 03, 2017 AM EST - Chiqui Guyjoco

T-Ara’s Jiyeon Sheds Tears At Malicious Comments After Breakup With Lee Dong Gun

The 23-year-old singer-actress wasn't able to hold back tears during a live broadcast on social media as harsh comments came out that brought back her past controversies.

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