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South Korea Govt. Reduces 68 To 52 Working Hours Weekly, Aims To Increase Low Birth Rate (Photo By: Al Jazeera English / YouTube Screenshot)

Mar 02, 2018 AM EST - Subhro Prakash Ghosh

South Korea Govt. Reduces Weekly Working Hours From 68 To 52, Aims To Increase Low Birth Rate

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in has kept his vow of reducing the long working hours.

US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration

May 16, 2017 AM EDT - E. K. Encina

Netflix Movies 2017 Title 'Okja' To Be Released In Theaters; Why It's Worth Looking Into

The Netflix movies 2017 list adds “Okja” to films releasing on the big screen, but what makes this South Korean Sci-Fi flick worth a watch is its intriguing premise.

THE PLAYERS Championship - Final Round

May 15, 2017 AM EDT - E. K. Encina

2017 Players Championship Results: South Korean Beats British Pro-Golfer To Become Youngest Tournament Winner

The 2017 Players championship results in the domination of South Korean golfer Si Woo Kim as he beats highly-touted British professional Ian Poulter to become tournament winner.

Daily Life In Pyongyang

Mar 01, 2017 AM EST - amrin

North Korea Executed 5 Deputy Minister-Level Officials; A Continuing Tension Between Neighbors?

Recently, South Korean lawmakers claimed that five North Korean officials have been executed by the anti-aircraft guns. The five North Korean officials are working under the deputy minister who worked under the recently fired state security chief Kim Won-hong. The officials have been executed because of developing false reports to the North Koreans leader Kim Jong-un.

More Than 1,400 South Koreans Indicted Over Illegal Electioneering This Year

Oct 17, 2016 AM EDT - Karen Lydelle Linaja

More Than 1,400 South Koreans Indicted Over Illegal Electioneering This Year

A total of 1,430 people including 33 incumbent lawmakers have been indicted on charges of illegal electioneering this year.

K-pop girl group Red Velvet have pushed the release date of the new EP

Mar 15, 2016 PM EDT - Jesse L.

Red Velvet's Album Release Date For 'The Velvet' Pushed Back 24 Hours 'To Achieve A Higher Degree Of Perfection' Label Says

Fans who spent last night anxiously awaiting the midnight Korea Standard Time release of "The Velvet" the second EP by K-pop girl group Red Velvet were in for a rude shock.

Spa Castle

Mar 07, 2016 PM EST - Staff Reporter

Underwater Sex, Public Nudity Uncovered At Korean Developer Steve Chon's Spa Castle In Queens

Things have gone from bad to worse for South Korean émigré developer Steve Chon's Spa Castle.

Pregnant South Korean women recommended to delay travel overseas amid Zika virus concerns. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Feb 02, 2016 PM EST - Diana Tomale

Zika Virus Triggers Fear In South Korea; Pregnant Women Suggested To Delay Travel To 24 Countries On Watch List For The Virus

Zika Virus has triggered fear among South Koreans, especially those who are pregnant. Some locals even cancelled their flights overseas amid Zika virus concern.

One of Asia's most affluent countries, South Korea, is the region's third largest economy with he longest working hours in the world. (Photo by Ed Jones / Getty Images)

Jan 12, 2016 PM EST - Ma Elena Garcia

South Koreans Are Spending Too Much Time Sitting Due To Long Work Hours

A new data released by the South Korean government showed that South Koreans spend too much time sitting and make little effort to exercise.

South Korean man says homosexuality is a

Nov 09, 2015 PM EST - Diana Tomale

South Koreans Remain Ambivalent About Homosexuality; Man Talks About What It Feels Like Being Gay In A Conservative Country

A research conducted by Pew Research Center revealed that 57 percent of surveyed South Koreans consider homosexuality as unacceptable.

(Photo by: Carsten Koall / Getty Images News) A study reveals that South Korea is among the leading countries to have performed cosmetic surgeries in 2014.

Oct 08, 2015 AM EDT - Diana Tomale

South Korea Had The Fourth-Highest Number Of Plastic Surgeries Performed In 2014, A Study Reveals

South Korea is one of the leading countries to have performed cosmetic surgeries last year. Reports reveal that plastic surgery is something not rare in the country.

A boatman in Thailand waits for tourist passengers. (Photo by: Paula Bronstein / Getty Images News)

Oct 07, 2015 PM EDT - Diana Tomale

1 Hungarian Tourist Died And 22 Foreign Tourists Were Left Injured After Tourist Boat Crashes Into Another Vessel In Thailand

23 tourists were out to view fireflies along Mae Klong River in Thailand. However, the night turned into a terrible experience after a vessel crashed into the tourist boat leaving 1 Hungarian tourist dead and 22 others injured.

(Photo by: Steve Dykes / Getty Images Sports) Korean-American golfer Michael Kim earned his PGA Tour card for season 2015-16.

Sep 07, 2015 AM EDT - Diana Tomale

Five Koreans Earn PGA Tour cards

The list of PGA Tour card earners has been finalized on Sunday. Out of 25 golfers, five are South Korean players.

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