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Tokyo Olympics 2021: North Korea Opts Out Due to COVID

Apr 07, 2021 AM EDT - Maureen Blas

No More Tokyo Olympics 2021 for North Korea

North Korea will no longer participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021 from July to August as a safety measure from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 situation

Mar 30, 2021 AM EDT - Jon Agustin

Filipino Consumers Panic Buys In Groceries As Country Logs All-Time High COVID-19 Cases

Consumers in the Philippines capital, Manila, resorted to panic buying as the country logs the highest number of COVID-19 cases since the beginning.

Taiwan's Secret to Overcome Coronavirus that the United Kingdom Must Follow (and Every Nation Too)

Mar 25, 2021 AM EDT - Maureen Blas

How Taiwan Controlled the Spread of COVID-19 Virus

Taiwan disclosed how it curbed the COVID-19 virus apart from having an epidemiologist vice president.

A photograph of AstraZeneca vaccine vial.

Mar 22, 2021 AM EDT - Jay Ahon

S. Korea To Start Vaccinating Citizens Over 65, In Nursing Homes This Week

South Korea will start administering AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine for its citizens over 65 and those who work at nursing homes and long-term care facilities this week. President Moon Jae-in and first lady Kim Jung-sook will also be vaccinated on Tuesday.


Mar 22, 2021 AM EDT - Maureen Blas

Hail Apple! The New World's Most Profitable Company

Apple is the new world's most profitable company, superseding Saudi Aramco with $57 billion in last year's profit.

An AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is prepared at the Princess Royal Sports Arena on in England.

Mar 21, 2021 AM EDT - Jay Ahon

WHO: Keep Using AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

The World Health Organizations encouraged nations to continue rolling out AstraZeneca vaccines from the recommendations of European and British medicines regulators, dismissing blood clot concerns.

FedEx Delivery Demands Rocket Profits Despite Pandemic

Mar 19, 2021 AM EDT - Maureen Blas

FedEx Delivery Demands Rocket Profits Despite Pandemic

The pandemic cannot stop logistics giant, FedEx to remain profitable. Its revenue soars and keeps on receiving millions of online orders for delivery.

COVID-19 vaccine

Mar 18, 2021 AM EDT - Joe Saballa

3 European Countries To Stop Inoculating AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

Germany, France, and Italy are temporarily halting the inoculation of the AstraZeneca vaccine to its people, making the vaccination program more difficult to pull off.

COVID-19 vaccine

Mar 16, 2021 AM EDT - Joe Saballa

Moderna Closes 18B-dollar Worth Of Agreements For COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna Inc. has already closed a billion-dollar worth of agreements for the COVID-19 vaccine that it is producing.


Mar 13, 2021 AM EST - Joe Saballa

Vitamins: Your Body’s Must-needed Shield Against Diseases

Health experts say that vitamins play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy body, especially now the COVID-19 is wreaking havoc all over the world.

COVID-19 Testing Station

Mar 13, 2021 AM EST - Serena Martinez

Social Distancing Rules In South Korea Extended To Two Weeks As COVID-19 Cases Still Rise

COVID-19 cases are still rising for three consecutive weeks.

Lockdown in India

Mar 12, 2021 AM EST - Joe Saballa

India’s Nagpur City To Be Placed Under 7-day Complete Lockdown

Nagpur will be placed in a week-long complete lockdown.

Business sector amid COVID-19 crisis

Mar 12, 2021 AM EST - Joe Saballa

5 Important Things That Businesses Can Do Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The business sector is undeniably one of the most affected sectors since the day when the novel coronavirus became a pandemic.

Semiconductor Chips are highly in demand and facing shortage

Mar 10, 2021 AM EST - Serena Martinez

Game Consoles And Cars Are Running Out In The Middle Of Semiconductor Shortage

Due to the increased demand and health restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, catching up on the production demand may be slower than usual.

Japan Introduce COVID-19 Tests At Soccer Stadiums Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar 02, 2021 AM EST - Kim Jam

Japan Requests China To Stop Anal Swab Tests For COVID-19 On Japanese Citizens

The tests involve inserting a cotton swab 3-5cm (1.2-2.0 inches) into the anus.

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