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U.S. President Joe Biden

Jul 29, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Monkeypox Ravages The US As Disease Infects Thousands

What is monkeypox and what are the US' plans for handling the rising virus? Find out here!

The International Space Station

Jul 27, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Withdrawal Of The Cosmonauts: Russia Announces Departure From The International Space Station After 2024

Russia stuns the world as they announce its departure from The International Space Station after almost 30 years of cooperation. Read the full story here!

Unknown Black Panther Actor/Actress

Jul 25, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Raw Emotion & Action: Marvel Drops First Trailer For ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

It seems like the Atlantians are coming to flood the MCU with more awesomeness. The first trailer for "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" is filled with emotion and new things to look forward to!

Lee Jung Jae, Hoyeon Jung, and Park Haesoo

Jul 20, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Marvel Fans Hyped As Lee Jung Jae Of ‘Squid Game’ Rumored To Join The MCU

Lee Jung Jae is rumored to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will the "Squid Game" star fit in in the MCU?

Stray Kids' Bang Chan

Jul 19, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Surprisingly Makes Canadian Rapper Drake To Trend On Social Media

How did Bang Chan make Drake trend on Twitter? Find out what the Stray Kids member did here.

Giancarlo Esposito

Jul 18, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

MCU Has Supposedly Found Their Professor X, Giancarlo Esposito Rumored To Play The X-Men Leader

Are you ready to see the X-Men in the MCU? Find out who are the actors rumored to play Professor X and Cyclops here!

Maroon 5 2022 World Tour Poster

Jul 04, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Maroon 5 Underfire From Korean Netizens For Using A ‘Disrespectful’ Design On World Tour Poster

Why are Koreans upset at Maroon 5's world tour poster? Find out here!


Jul 01, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Fans Go Nuts Over ‘Black Adam’ Trailer, Dwayne Johnson Shows Gratitude

It seems like fans overwhelmingly love the first trailer of "Black Adam"! Find out how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson responded here.

Liam Payne

Jun 02, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

K-Pop Fans Upset At Liam Payne & Logan Paul’s Comments Towards K-Pop Artists & Other Musicians

Why are K-Pop fans upset at Liam Payne and Logan Paul? Find out here!


Jun 01, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

BTS In The White House: U.S. President Joe Biden Has Nothing But Praise For BTS

The members of BTS are in The White House! Find out what U.S. President Joe Biden has to say about the boy group here.


May 31, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

BTS To Make An Appearance At The White House, U.S. Senators Are Quarelling Over Invites

Are U.S. senators really arguing over invites regarding BTS' upcoming appearance at The White House? Read the full story here!


May 29, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

New York State Is Planning To Deploy Robot Companions To The Homes Of The Elderly

The project is organized by the New York State Office for the Aging. Find out more about the plan here.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Gameplay

May 29, 2022 PM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Sony Is Gearing To Have Half Of Its Games On PC And Mobile by 2025

Titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and God of War met huge success when they became available on PC. Find out more about Sony’s plan here.

Amazon Style Fitting Room

May 26, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Amazon Style Opens Its Glass Doors As The Company’s First Physical Clothing Store

The technology installed lets you try out clothes before purchase without ever having to carry them. Find out more about its enhanced shopping experience here.

Google Docs Formatting Options

May 26, 2022 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Google Docs Is Getting A New Formatting Feature For Convenient Multi-Text Editing

You may have even tested if it was possible before. Find out how to check whether you already got the feature here.

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