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students at Yonsei University

Aug 17, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Ministry of Education Pushes “Ghettoized” Courses in South Korean Universities

As the country’s number of foreign students keeps on declining, the Ministry of Education has pushed for a proposal to let colleges and universities develop specialized courses or departments in the fields of IT and shipping.

Gangnam business district

Aug 12, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds ‘Beautiful Buildings’ Contest

The local government of South Korea’s largest metropolis and capital is organizing a public contest starting today until September 10. It involves finding the city’s 100 most beautiful buildings among 640,000 registered buildings.

meals in ice bowls

Aug 10, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Products That Beat the Heat Sell Quick in Korea

The scorching temperature felt for the past days might have led to the death of seven individuals as well as thousands of livestock, but it has led to high sales among local businesses.

amusement park animals

Aug 10, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Hottest Summer in Seoul and Other Areas

Seoul is experiencing from scorching temperature, which the government has expected to continue until the middle of the week.

Seoul Lantern Festival

Aug 07, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Cultural Events to Watch Out for When in South Korea This August

With Korea celebrating the 70th anniversary of its liberation from Japan’s rule on August 15, the month presents a series of cultural events in Seoul that locals and tourists shouldn’t miss.

Seongnam concert

Aug 05, 2015 AM EDT - JamV

Seongnam Collaborates with Indie Bands

The national government and Seongnam Municipal Government collaborates with independent bands to boost commerce around the area.

wine sampling

Jul 30, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Fruit-Flavored Soju Now a Trending Drink in Korea

Fruit-flavored soju replaces regular soju and beer as the go-to alcoholic drink in South Korea these days. With flavors ranging from citron to blueberry, the new variety has won the hearts of many women – even some men.

surfing in Bali

Jul 29, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

North Korea as a Potential Surfing Haven

A tour company is offering a surf camp and expedition somewhere most tourists won’t expect – North Korea. The team behind the 8-day travel and sports adventure hopes to be among the first individuals to explore the nation’s unspoiled beaches and untapped waves.

Jul 27, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

The Pressure in South Korea’s Work Culture

With an annual average of 2,057 hours per person in 2014, employees in South Korea are among those who work the longest hours compared to other countries under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Jul 23, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

The Explosion of Korean Cuisine in America

Since 2012, there has been an increasing fascination with Korean food. The rich combination of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness, along with the tangy and funky flavor of fermented vegetables, has brought the cuisine closer to most Americans’ palates.

Jul 22, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Pyongyang Has Dedicated Lanes for Cyclists

Cycling along the major roads of Pyongyang has become easier and safer with the introduction of dedicated lanes.

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