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(Photo by: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images News) Demands for cigarettes in South Korea slowly recovering after the price hike.

Sep 10, 2015 AM EDT - Diana Tomale

Recovering Tobacco Sales In South Korea Shows That Cigarette Consumption Has Not Declined

Despite a price hike on cigarettes in South Korea earlier this year, sales are slowly recovering from the plummet. Reports say that cigarette consumption has gotten strong despite the efforts to curb it.

South Korea's Red Cross volunteers help elders reunite with their families from North Korea | By: Jung Yeon Je | Getty Images

Sep 08, 2015 AM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

Elderly Family Members Set For The Korean Reunion In October May Be Running Out Of Time

Red Cross officials and volunteers of both North and South Korea are already organizing a reunion for families who have been separated since the war in 1950-1953.

(Photo by: Chung Sung Jun / Getty Images News) A study revealed that female South Korean students learn fast from female teachers.

Sep 08, 2015 AM EDT - Diana Tomale

A Study Looks Into The Impact Of Teachers’ Gender On Classroom Performance

A study reveals that teachers' gender affects the classroom performance of students. Female students learn fast from female teachers, while this doesn't have effects on male students' performance.

South Korean elderly women

Sep 07, 2015 AM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

South Korean Study Could Help with Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer'ss Disease

The latest findings of South Korean researchers could help experts find a method that will efficiently diagnose Alzheimer's disease early on.

June 2015 health workers during MERS outbreak in South Korea | By: Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Sep 06, 2015 PM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

South Korea Will Improve Quarantine Facilities

South Korea makes plans on improving monitoring and response processes to prevent spread of disease outbreak.

coffee culture in South Korea

Sep 05, 2015 AM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

South Korea Has Growing Coffee Culture

South Korea's growing coffee culture has been celebrated for many years with themed cafes, roasting cafes and artisanal cafes.

A glass of fresh apple mango smoothie

Sep 02, 2015 AM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

Haitai Beverages Uses SIG Combibloc's Drinkplus Technology

Haitai Beverages produces a "My Real Smoothie" range for "Sunkist" brand using the Drinkplus technology of SIG Combibloc.

University opens a school for North and South Koreans.

Aug 29, 2015 AM EDT - Diana Tomale

Study Program for South and North Koreans

The Unification Education Research Center in Seoul National University has launched a school for teachers and students from the entire Korean peninsula.

Korean high school students cheer for those who are taking the college entrance exam.

Aug 27, 2015 AM EDT - Diana Tomale

What South Korea Thinks of Education

South Korea believes that education is the key to success as the country records a high percentage of high school graduates every year.

A person's mood affects his food preference, survey says.

Aug 27, 2015 AM EDT - Diana Tomale

Mood Affects Comfort Food Preference

A study revealed that a person's mood can affect his preference for comfort food. Aside from that, gender is also a factor of a person's food cravings.

Agreement between South Korea and Peru

Aug 26, 2015 AM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

South Korea To Assist Peru In Math And Science

Agreements were signed by the Peruvian and South Korean governments to allow educators from South Korea to visit Peru and assist in the teaching of math and science.

overweight man

Aug 25, 2015 PM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

Obesity a Major Health Threat in South Korea

A growing number of South Korean men with obesity is said to caused by excessive alcohol intake and job-related stress.

Korean Air plans to build a culture center near Gyeongbok Palace.

Aug 24, 2015 PM EDT - Diana Tomale

Korean Air Will Build A Culture Center Instead Of Hotel

Korean Air announced on August 18 that they will build a culture center near Gyeongbok Palace instead of a seven-star hotel.

Tetris game

Aug 19, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Playing Tetris Might Just Be the Answer to Lessen Cravings

A study conducted by psychologists in Australia and the U.K. showed that playing Tetris could lessen the intensity of craving for cigarettes, drug substances, alcohol, coffee and food – even constant sleeping and sex – by as much as 20%.

Pohang seashore

Aug 19, 2015 AM EDT - Dana Marie

Red Tide Affects Fish Farms in the Southern Coast of South Korea

Out of 1.2 million fish – comprising rockfish, sea bream and other varieties – raised in a 2-hectare farm in Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province, over 330,000 have died because of red tide.

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