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Apr 26, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

JYP Entertainment Under Fire From ONCEs After TWICE Gets Swarmed In Airport

JYP Entertainment is once again called out by fans as TWICE gets flocked in an airport. In the airport, Mina and Jihyo were pushed around by a male fan trying to take a video. Thus, #PROTECTTWICE trends on Twitter.


Apr 26, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

‘Not Shy’ Indeed: JYP Entertainment’s ITZY Flex Their Talents In ‘Knowing Bros’

JYP Entertainment ITZY's comeback is coming very close. Due to this, they will be the latest guests on "Knowing Bros."

Stray Kids' Felix

Apr 26, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Stays To Receive Gift From Stray Kids’ Felix The Next Time They Meet?

Stays are lucky that they have one of the sweetest K-pop idols in the industry, Stray Kids Felix. To prove this, the Stray Kids rapper promises to give his fans a gift once fans and K-pop idols can meet again.

Stray Kids

Apr 23, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Illegal Distribution Of Stray Kids’ CLIO Photocards In Japan Recently Causes Problems

Stray Kids was previously chosen as the new models for CLIO, thus prompting the company to have a photocard distribution event featuring the boy group. Recently, an online re-seller in Japan made counterfeit photocards and sold them at a high price.


Apr 23, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Another Mistreatment In JYP Entertainment? Fans Upset About ITZY’s Outfits On ‘Knowing Bros’

ITZY will be featured in the next episode of the popular variety show. Recent previews released from news outlets made fans upset after seeing ITZY's costume is not on par with what is expected from their stylists.

BTOB and Stray Kids

Apr 23, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’ Heats Up: Stray Kids & BTOB Switch Songs For 'RE:BORN' Battle

Mnet's "Kingdom: Legendary War" is now on to round 2 and the boy groups are tasked to pair up and switch songs. With BTOB and Stray Kids as pairs, which songs from each group will the two perform?


Apr 22, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

31st Lotte Duty Free Family Concert Reveals Lineup: TWICE, ITZY, BTS, TXT, & More

Lotte Duty Free announced their lineup for their 31st Family Concert. The lineup consists of BTS, TXT, TWICE, ITZY, and more. Find out how you can enjoy the free concert here.


Apr 20, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Humble Beginnings: During TWICE’s Trainee Days, They Ate Meals In Restrooms

TWICE has come a long way since their trainee days. Now, the girl group can eat wherever they want but previously, the girls had to sneak around in restrooms just to have a bite to eat.

Stray Kids Bang Chan

Apr 19, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

Here’s Why Stray Kids Chan Never Regretted Joining JYP Entertainment

Recently, Stray Kids leader and producer Bang Chan celebrated his 10th year with JYP Entertainment. The 23-year-old Korean idol joined JYP Entertainment in 2010 and has spent seven long years of training before debuting with Stray Kids in March 2018.

ITZY's Ryujin

Apr 17, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

South Korean Rapper Makes Malicious And Inappropriate Comments Towards ITZY’s Ryujin

Rapper Owen is not a stranger to issues and scandals. Recently, his controversy targets ITZY Ryujin with sexually inappropriate comments.


Apr 15, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

BLACKPINK, TWICE, & Little Mix: All Female Girl Groups Who Dominate Spotify And YouTube

YG Entertainment's BLACKPINK, JYP Entertainment's TWICE, and Little Mix garner a number of streams on YouTube and Spotify. Will the girls still be on top at the end of the year?

GOT7's Mark

Apr 15, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

GOT7’s Mark Shares Thoughts Now That He Is No Longer With JYP Entertainment

Back in January, GOT7 separated ways with JYP Entertainment. Recently, GOT7's Mark shared how he feels now that he is no longer with the company.

TWICE's Tzuyu

Apr 14, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

TWICE’s Tzuyu Getting Ready To Release Something For ONCEs, But Recent Issues Arose

Up on TWICE's list for melody project is Tzuyu. But due to unforeseen problems, it may get delayed.

TWICE's Momo

Apr 14, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

TWICE’s Momo Recalled A Traumatic Experience During ‘Cheer Up’ Era In Latest Broadcast

Recently, to celebrate their 2000th day of being active, TWICE took to V LIVE for a live broadcast. In the broadcast, Momo recalls a memory during their "Cheer Up" era.


Apr 13, 2021 AM EDT - Victoria Marian Belmis

‘YES Or YES’ To Another Milestone: JYP Entertainment’s TWICE Does It ONCE Again

Since their debut, TWICE has been reaching milestone after milestone. Recently, they hit yet another breakthrough with their 2018 hit, 'YES or YES.'

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