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ITZY’s Yuna Goes Viral After Recent Video Of The K-Pop Idol Draws Concern From Fans

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Apr 27, 2022 10:02 AM EDT
ITZY's Yuna

Netizens and K-pop fans express immediate concern after a recent fancam of ITZY's Yuna was uploaded online.

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Beyond the K-pop idol's iconic stage presence and talent, ITZY's Yuna has always been popular for her figure, specifically her tiny waste. Due to training and proper diet, Yuna has achieved a natural hourglass figure, garnering the praise of many.

Though MIDZYs (the fandom name of ITZY) know that ITZY's maknae eats healthily and regularly exercises, fans recently became concerned when a fancam ITZY's recent fanmeeting was uploaded online. Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong looked thinner than usual yet fans were shocked at how Yuna looked as her ribs could be seen.

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Some fans of the K-pop girl group believed lighting made the shadows on Yuna's body exaggerate her physique as in some photos from ITZY's fanmeeting, Yuna's ribs were not seen despite her slim waist. Though other ITZY fans were not convinced.

Due to this, ITZY fans started talking about the fancam. Though it is obvious that Yuna has lost weight since her debut with ITZY, most fans believe that she is eating healthily. MIDZYs also called out the possibility that the video was edited to focus on her ribs.

Though the K-pop industry is filled with glitz and glam, there are certain sides to it that are not so pretty. Among the sides are the severe diets that some K-pop idols go through. Fans are hoping that ITZY's Yuna is not among the idols who have had trouble with their weight.

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You can see the fancam from ITZY's performance here:

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