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Mina Returns On Instagram With An Announcement, After Recovering From Her Suicide Attempt

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Aug 04, 2021 06:29 AM EDT
Kwon Mina

The following article talks about sensitive topics such as suicide and bullying. Reader discretion is advised.

A month ago on the 3rd of July, fans of AOA gathered and released a statement with regards to Kwon Mina's allegations of being bullied by her former AOA K-pop member Jimin during her time as a member of AOA. 

The fans went on to note that they did not agree with Kwon Mina's allegations, emphasizing that although Jimin parted ways with AOA, Jimin never truly admitted to abusing Kwon Mina. Following this, Kwon Mina released an apology with regards to her previous controversy with her former boyfriend.

Ahead of this, Kwon Mina reportedly attempted to take her own life but was soon found by an acquaintance who took her to the hospital. Currently, Mina is once again conscious. She then went on her Instagram and posted a statement just today, on the 4th of August.

With her statement, Mina posted a plethora of screenshots of text messages regarding another victim which also accuses Jimin of bullying.

Mina's full statement is as follows:

"After regaining consciousness, I saw the statement of Kwon Mina's ex-boyfriend's and I even uploaded an explanation post regarding the statement, but I'm still the mythomaniac, perpetrator, and mental illness patient Kwon Mina.

Many people must be tired, bored, and wondering why I'm like this. If I say it's because I feel wronged, would you believe me? I'm well aware of my mistakes and my actions and words that have gone too far. Especially since my mouth was itching after seeing Mr. Yoo's statement.

However, everyone has also taken upon themselves the case of Ms. Shin [referring to former AOA member Jimin], bringing it above the water, and everything from statements and indiscriminate malicious comments became even more severe. I'll try hard not to talk long. I'm a victim. I'm one of around four to five people. I'm a victim who has endured the longest. It's not a false exaggeration. I've only revealed in the past that I have severe depression, and it's not schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Due to the most serious incident this time, there were a lot of people who spread false information. I'd prefer that you curse indiscriminately. The agency and I have already gathered a lot of evidence, and since we already have screenshots of them, please don't think about erasing them. Especially since they're words everyone was so certain of. I'll expose all of what's real and what's the spread of false information through a lawsuit, even though it's something that won't all be erased cleanly.

I'm sorry for making a scene and causing an uproar every time. However, if you became me for even one day, I don't think you could even bring yourself to say that. I've had a difficult time, and it's difficult with every situation involving Ms. Shin, Mr. Yoo, and many more.

P.S. Saying that you're tired of me, that I repeat myself, and that I cosplay as a victim and bringing up the names of the other members and saying that you feel sorry for them for meeting a person like me? What kind of person am I, why have I come to repeat the same words, and who are the people that made me bring up my story again after I've been quiet? There will be no leniency for people who talked and are talking as if they know everything without even knowing the inside story well. I'm confident. And if my words are false exaggerations and lies, file a complaint with me. I'll keep going until I can and until my feelings of being wronged are alleviated at least a little."

Hopefully, netizens, AOA fans, and former members of AOA will find peace soon as this is already getting out of hand.

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