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Netizens Vote aespa’s Karina As #1 On The List Of Visual Female Rookie Idols

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Jun 09, 2021 07:37 AM EDT
aespa's Karina

DC Inside is an immensely popular online forum where polls are usually held. Recently, a poll pertaining to the top list Of Visual Female Rookie Idols was done and among more than 54 rookie female K-pop idols, aespa member Karina came out on top!

All the members of SM Entertainment's aespa were able to make the list but among the 4 of them, Karina was chosen as #1, according to netizens. Winter, Giselle, and NingNing went on to rank 3rd, 37th, and 41st respectively, out of 54 other rookie female K-pop idols.

Following aespa's Karina, taking the 2nd spot is none other than Nana of woo!ah!

Here are the netizen's choices for the TOP 54 Visual Female Rookie Idols on DC Inside's poll:

#54. cignature's Sunn

#53. REDSQUARE's Lina

#52. Secret Number's Denise

#51. BlingBling's Choi Jieun

#50. cignature's Semi

#49. cignature's Belle

#48. BlingBling's Cha Juhyun

#47. Secret Number's Dita

#46. LUNASOLAR's Yuuri

#45. Secret Number's Lea

#44. BlingBling's Ayamy

#43. REDSQUARE's ChaeA

#42. LUNARSOLAR's Eseo

#41. aespa's Ningning

#40. cignature's Ye Ah

#39. BlingBling's Narin

#38. REDSQUARE's Ari

#37. aespa's Giselle

#35. BlingBling's Marin

#34. Maka'Maka's EunB

#33. Maka'Maka's Dia

#32. Weeekly's Monday

#31. Maka'Maka's Heesu

#30. Secret Number's Jinny

#29. Weeekly's Shin Jiyoon

#28. LUNARSOLAR's Taeryeong

#27. REDSQUARE's Bomin

#26. Maka'Maka's Daseul

#25. Weeekly's Park Soeun

#24. Maka'Maka's Chaewon

#23. cignature's Seline

#22. woo!ah!'s Lucy

#21. STAYC's Sieun

#20. REDSQUARE's Green

#19. LUNARSOLAR's Jian

#18. cignature's Chaesol

#17. woo!ah!'s Sora

#16. STAYC's Sumin

#15. woo!ah's Minseo

#14. Weeekly's Jaehee

#13. cignature's Jiwon

#12. STAYC's Seeun

#11. Weeekly's Jihan

#10. STAYC's Isa

#9. Secret Number's Soodam

#8. STAYC's Yoon

#7. STAYC's J

#6. Weeekly's Soojin

#5. Weeekly's Zoa

#4. woo!ah!'s Wooyeon

#3. aespa's Winter

#2. woo!ah!'s Nana

#1. aespa's Karina

Congratulations to the rookie female K-pop idols who made it on the list!

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