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iPad Pro 9.7 Should I Upgrade?

May 04, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

iPad Pro Mini Release Date & Update: New Pro Mini Tablet Expected To Launch This WWDC Event

This 9.7-inch mini pro tablet, or the Apple iPad Pro mini, will come with new advanced features, like powerful processor chip, innovated pen, and other more.

COD WWII's Multiplayer To Feature Female Characters (COD WWII News and Info)

May 04, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

‘Call Of Duty: WW2’ Release Date & Update: Female Characters Arriving On War-Action Game

The "Call of Duty: WW2" game developer, Sledgehammer, confirmed that players can use female soldiers in the game's multiplayer feature.

AMD Release Date, News & Update

May 04, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

AMD Radeon RX Vega Release Date & Update: Benchmarks Results Shows NVIDIA Beats AMD Vega

AMD Radeon RX Vega is the company's ultimate weapon against to its biggest rival, the NVIDIA, but if based on the reported benchmarks results, it has no match to the competition.

ipad Pro 2 Leaks and Rumours!

May 04, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

iPad Pro 2 Release Date & Update: Experts Believes Tablet To Launch In WWDC 2017

iPad Pro 2 is expected to arrive, even though the company has not yet teased this device, tech fanatics are sure that it will be launched before this year ends.


May 03, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

‘Clash Of Clans’ News: Leaked Game Video Teaser Confirms Shipwreck Update

The shipwreck is what fans and players really want to see in the “Clash of Clans” mobile game and it is also being rumored in these past weeks saying Supercell are ready to launch this update to the game soon.

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Laptop

May 03, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date & Update: The Company’s Ultimate Mobile Device

The rumors started when the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself even suggesting that they're planning to revolutionize the concept of the mobile phone.

Mobile World Congress - Day 1

May 03, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

Sony Xperia L1 Release Date & Update: Smartphone Arriving In Wider Market

Despite of the Sony Xperia L1 releasing delay, a good news hits the expecting consumers of this phone device since it will scope a wider market area.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs BlackBerry KEYone

May 03, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

Blackberry KEYone News & Update: QWERTY Android Device Vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Blackberry KEYone might be the company’s last and final device into the markets since they haven't been doing that well with sales and popularity.

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2017

May 03, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 Release Date & Update: NVIDIA Cheaper Response To AMD Radeon RX 550

The intensity of this rivalry not always on the top, but it also happens in the mid-range hardware as the NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 will be a low-end gaming card and it's meant to become a replacement for the NVIDIA GT 930 and GT 730.

BLU R1 Plus Review

May 02, 2017 PM EDT - Gloven Ramos

BLU R1 Plus Review: Better Quality Phone With A Cheaper Price Now Available With $50 USD Discount In Selected Stores

R1 Plus smartphone is only in mid-range or just an average smartphone in the latest handset device of 2017, but this phone attracts a lot of consumers.

Microsoft Surface Arc

May 02, 2017 PM EDT - Gloven Ramos

Microsoft May Event News & Update: New Hardware Might Introduce, But Not In The Surface Series

In this Microsoft event, we are not expecting to see a new Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro 5, instead the Microsoft is focusing on education.

StarCraft Remastered Announcement

May 02, 2017 PM EDT - Gloven Ramos

‘StarCraft’ Remastered Release Date & Update: Game’s Original Version Now Available For Free

Blizzard make the game available for free because they want new players to have knowledge about the game before the "StarCraft" remastered version released.

The Microsoft Surface

May 01, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

Microsoft Surface 5 Release Date & Update: Drop In Surface Sale Pushing Microsoft To Release Surface 5 Sooner

Microsoft Surface 5 delay is one of the factors of the 26% sale decreased on the company's Surface sale and it is a very serious issue to address.

HTC Squeeze the Brilliant U

May 01, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

HTC U 11 Release Date & Update: New Teaser Ad Confirm The Rumored Device’s Squeeze Feature

The HTC U 11device was first known as the HTC Ocean and was in rumors having a squeezable feature to control the functions.

Pokémon: Evolutions -- Sun and Moon

May 01, 2017 AM EDT - Gloven Ramos

‘Pokémon Sun & Moon’ Latest News & Update: Game Sold Out 15.44 Million Units Worldwide In The First Quarter Of The Year

Due to the "Pokémon Sun and Moon" game high sale, the Nintendo reported 7.27 million 3DS systems had shipped, up approximately 500,000 units year-over-year.

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