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Mini IZ*ONE Reunion: Miyawaki Sakura Recently Made Lee Chaeyeon Cry, Here’s Why

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Jul 01, 2021 05:51 AM EDT

Although IZ*ONE is no longer active (or at least currently not active), the former members of the K-pop girl group are still extremely close to one another. This was recently evident in the interaction between two former members and how they both reacted on a live broadcast.

As of writing this article, three days ago on the 28th of June, Lee Chaeyeon (ITZY's Chaeryeong's sister and former member of IZ*ONE) went on to hang out with her personal fans on a Live broadcast on her personal Instagram account.

Initially having fun with fans, out of nowhere, Chaeyeon thought of a brilliant idea. While in the live broadcast, Chaeyeon went on to decide to send Miyawaki Sakura (former member of IZ*ONE as well) a live request to join her.

To the delight of fans, Miyawaki Sakura almost immediately accepted the invitation. 

When Chaeyeon saw Sakura appear beside her on the broadcast, the K-pop idol was in awe. "I did not know you were going to accept," Chaeyeon said as tears of joy started to flow from her eyes. Surprised, with the tears, Sakura went on to ask if Chaeyeon was indeed crying. 

Chaeyeon adorably responded, "But I am? What do I do"

Chaeyeon then said that initially, the two were only talking on KakaoTalk, but now that she was able to see Sakura, she started to cry. Chaeyeon then went to get tissues to wipe the tears that she was shedding.

Sakura and Chaeyeon then revealed that they missed each other, which also surely pulled the heartstrings of fans.

Fans were then able to enjoy seeing Chaeyeon and Sakura spend time together with them. This was truly something IZ*ONE fans could truly appreciate.

Following this, it was then revealed that Sakura was not the only IZ*ONE member to appear on Chaeyeon's live broadcast. Kang Hyewon also joined in on the fun. The three former IZ*ONE members then talked about the other members and their personal lives.

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