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Rookie Group, TO1, Under Fire After Allegations Of Throwing Their Fans Letters & Gifts Surface

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Jun 15, 2021 06:39 AM EDT

K-pop fans are one of the most loyal and loving fanbases in the world. To others, being a fan does not only mean enjoying your favorite K-pop group's music but also each of the members' unique personalities. 

Thus, imagine giving a heartfelt gift to your favorite group and seeing it thrown in the dumpster the very next day. A similar scandal was recently brought up when a rookie K-pop group was allegedly caught throwing their fans' gifts and letters in the trash.

WAKE ONE Entertainment's rookie K-pop group, TO1, recently came under fire from fans as their members, Kyungho and Chan were accused by Twitter user @gigachan18 via tweets that were deleted almost immediately.

The tweet had photos of gifts and letters from TO1 by fans, and the caption on the photos was accusing TO1's Chan and Kyungho of throwing the items in a dumpster that is situated near TO1's dorm.

"I can't be the only one who saw the dorm building's dumpster pile up with gifts that aren't luxury items," user @gigachan18 noted.

The "gifts" TO1 received, varying from outerwear amounting to 498 thousand Korean Won (approximately $446) to health supplements, were allegedly disposed of. Twitter user @gigachan18 did not hold anything back as their photos truly riled up a lot of fans online.

Before being deleted, @gigachan18's tweets reached 2.9K shares and garnered responses from their fans and other netizens. This was quickly pegged as unacceptable behavior regardless of which K-pop group does this.

Some gifts from K-pop fans, although not pricey, were surely made with a lot of thought and care, which is a fair enough reason to be hurt.

Although most TO1 fans were hurt, there were some netizens defending the K-pop group noting that they are free to do anything to the gifts they receive. 

As of writing this article, the members of TO1 and their agency, WAKE ONE Entertainment, have not yet released any clarifications towards the issue.

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