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Trump And Putin To Defeat ISIS

Jan 29, 2017 PM EST - Hayden Thomas

Trump And Putin Agree To Maintain Dialogue And Cooperate With Syria Against ISIS

The US president files roughshod with the Kremlin after sanctions imposed by the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama

Trump Explains His 'Obama Founded The ISIS' Claim as Sarcasm

Aug 13, 2016 AM EDT - Karen Lydelle Linaja

Trump Explains His 'Obama Founded The ISIS' Claim as Sarcasm

The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said with his repeated assertations that President Barack Obama is the founder of Islamic State.

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Terror Attacks That Killed 2 In Jakarta, Indonesia. (Photo by Ed Wray/Getty Images)

Jan 16, 2016 PM EST - Jean Marie Abellana

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Terror Attacks That Killed 2 In Jakarta, Indonesia

The terrorist group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia on Thursday.

 Suspected Member Of ISIS detonates bomb in Turkey’s Tourism District, killing 8 German nationals (Photo by Stringer/Getty Images)

Jan 14, 2016 PM EST - Jean Marie Abellana

Suspected Member Of IS Detonates Bomb In Turkey’s Tourism District Killing 8 German Nationals

A suspected member the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has detonated a bomb in the historic district of Istanbul, leaving 10 foreigners dead and 15 people wounded.

A convoy of international organizations has made its way to the city of Madaya to provide food for the war-stricken community. (Photo by Abdurahman Sayed / Getty Images)

Jan 13, 2016 AM EST - M.R. Aguilar

Famine Amid Syrian Unrest Is Merely 'The Tip Of An Iceberg,' Amnesty International Director Says

International rights group Amnesty International unveils accounts of people in Syria struggling with famine in the city of Madaya, trying to survive merely on boiled water and leaves.

The recent attack in Baghdad claimed the lives of 50 people. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Jan 12, 2016 PM EST - Jean Marie Abellana

18 People Killed In Recent ISIS Attack At Jawhara Mall In Baghdad

On Monday evening, the Islamic State has once again spread terror in the Middle East when it attacked a shopping mall in the Eastern part of Baghdad leaving at least 18 people dead and 50 people wounded.

ISIS top commander dies during Iraq-led airstrike. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Jan 11, 2016 AM EST - Ma Elena Garcia

Islamic State Leader Abu-Bakr Al-Baghdadi Killed In An Airstrike Conducted By The Iraqi Army

The second top deputy of Islamic state leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi and the chief of staff of Islamic State’s Military Council was killed in an airstrike, the Iraqi Air Force said.

Iraqi soldiers successfully reclaimed key points in Ramadi City. (Photo by Wathiq Khuzaie /Getty Images)

Dec 28, 2015 PM EST - Therese Agcopra

Iraqi Troops Liberates Ramadi City From ISIS Hold

The city of Ramadi was captured by ISIS in May this year.

US President Barrack Obama says they will not relent until ISIS is destroyed. (Photo by Pool / Getty Images)

Dec 09, 2015 PM EST - Diana Tomale

U.S. President Barrack Obama Says Their Coalition 'Will Not Relent' On Fight Against Terror Group ISIS

President Barrack Obama said they "will not relent" until militant group ISIS is destroyed. The US president also called on Russia to make a "strategic adjustment".

Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon | By: Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Nov 17, 2015 PM EST - Czarelli Tuason

Double Suicide Bombing In Beirut Reportedly Killed 43 People

The ISIS group allegedly claimed responsibility for the double suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon that killed 43 and injured 239.

(Photo by: Ash Carter / Flickr) US Senator John McCain says deal between US and Russian militaries is

Nov 11, 2015 PM EST - Diana Tomale

American Senator John McCain Brands Deal Between U.S. And Russian Militaries On Air Safety Over Syria As 'Immoral'

The US and Russian militaries recently agreed to avoid flight clashes over Syria, however, US Senator John McCain says the agreement is "immoral" and a betrayal to US-backed allies.

97 people died after two bombs exploded at a peace rally in Ankara, Turkey on Saturday. (Photo by Burak Kara / Getty Images)

Nov 01, 2015 PM EST - Diana Tomale

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Reportedly Blames ISIS On Ankara Bombings On Saturday

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu considers ISIS as their top priority in the investigation of Ankara bombings on Saturday, which killed 97 people at a peace rally.

Smoke rises in Kobani, Syria following reported attacks by ISIS. (Photo by Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images)

Oct 26, 2015 PM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

Military Expert Claims The World Is 'Seconds' Away from World War Three As U.S. And Russia Launches Airstrikes On The ISIS

Recent airstrikes on ISIS by different nations led to a congested airspace over Syria, increasing fears of clash that could lead to a "catastrophic misunderstanding of intent."

Defense Secretary Ash Carter discusses Russia air strikes in Syria. (Photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Oct 19, 2015 PM EDT - Diana Tomale

United States And Russia Goes To War In Syria But In Different Areas

Some US officials are skeptical about the intentions of Russia after the country reportedly launched airstrikes in the west part of Syria targeting non-ISIS rebels.

MQ-1B Predator aircraft | By: Ethan Miller | Getty Images

Sep 07, 2015 AM EDT - Czarelli Tuason

The U.S. Steps Up with Its Battle Against Terrorism

The U.S. has cooperated with the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command to launch a secret campaign that will send armed drones to Syria to target Isis.

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