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Trending News - Apr 05, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Release Date, Updates: Show Returns To Netflix On Summer, Introduces New Character

The new season of "Orange Is The New Black" returns on Netflix this summer. The upcoming season will feature a total of 13 episodes starting June 13. With the death of Poussey in season 4, there is really no news right now if she is going to be replaced by someone through a new character.

Trending News - Apr 05, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Fairy Tail' Chapter 530 Spoilers, Predictions: Anna Heartfilia Fails To Seal Acnologia

The upcoming chapter of "Fairy Tail" is expected to feature Anna Heartfilia's attempt to bring down Acnologia. In order to do this, Anna and company must successfully carry out the time lapse to finally put an end to Acnologia's evil powers. However, some believe Lucy's ancestor will fail at doing it since the dragon slayers' purpose in the story will become useless in case Anna's attempt is successful.

'Nanatsu No Taizai' Chapter 213 recap and 214 spoilers.

Trending News - Apr 05, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Nanatsu No Taizai' Chapter 212 Recap & 213 Spoilers: King Fails To Save Dying Gerheade

In chapter 213 of "Nanatsu No Taizai," some are expecting King will fail in healing the almost dead body of Gerheade once he sees her ripped off by Rou. The scene would look as if King arrived late as his sister had already been attacked by the villain.

 'Vikings' Season 5 spoilers

Trending News - Apr 04, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Vikings' Season 5 Spoilers: Lagertha Is Not Going To Die Any Sooner

In the second part of "Vikings" Season 4, though Lagertha's (Katheryn Winnick) death was one of those anticipated by fans, it seems that the show's production has decided to still keep her alive. The situation seems to still hold true as hints point out that the female character is not going to die any sooner in season 5.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 85 Spoilers: Piccolo, Android 17 Joins Goku's Team

Trending News - Apr 04, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 85 Spoilers: Team Goku Welcomes Back Piccolo, Android 17

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84, Goku and Gohan visited the simple and quiet life of Krillin and Android 18 to convince them in joining Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power. Now that both Android 18 and Krillin are joining, additional members competing with them includes Piccolo and Android 17.

CL and Park Bom attend One Step premiere

K-PEOPLE - Apr 04, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

Sandara Park Admits Getting Nervous Around Other Celebrities, Reveals New Found Celebrity Friendships

Sandara Park admitted in an interview that she still feels nervous around other celebrities. The revelation came when Park mentioned in the same correspondence that she has a close friendship with girl group S.E.S.

'Running Man' is a long-running variety show in South Korea.

K-WAVE - Apr 03, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Running Man' Welcomes Yang Se-chan, Jeon So-min As Its New Members

SBS variety show "Running Man" just added two new additional members of its cast. The production team confirmed on April 3 that Yang Se-chan and Jeon So-min will be the newest members of the show.

'Shooter' is renewed for a second season.

Trending News - Apr 03, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Shooter' Season 2 Release In Summer This Year? Ryan Phillippe Coming Back To Show

Since it was confirmed that "Shooter" is renewed for a second season, fans are anticipating lead star Ryan Phillippe to be coming back to the show. Several speculations surfaced before that the drama may not return for a second season since the USA Network had a difficulty to air its premiere season in the beginning.

Trending News - Apr 03, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma' Season 3 Release Date, Updates: Upcoming Season To Return In July; Soma, Erina Gets Closer

Season 3 of "Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma" is expected feature the blooming closeness between Soma Yukihira and Nakiri Erina when it airs July this year. After finishing his training during the Stagiarie Arc in season 2, Soma is coming back to Totsuki Culinary Academy to face another challenge.

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Part 2 returns to Freeform on April 18.

Trending News - Apr 03, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7B Spoilers: Long-Absent Character Returning in Upcoming Season

As the second part of "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 fast approaches, more hints are being dropped on what is going to happen next when the show returns. One major revelation confirmed recently is the return of Holden (Shane Coffey), a character who has long been absent in the teen drama.

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 19 Live Stream, Where To Watch Online: ‘The Flash’ Returns After Spring Hiatus

Trending News - Apr 03, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'The Flash' Season 3 Episode 19 Spoilers: Major Character Returning In Finale Episode

As "The Flash" season 3 approaches its final season this week, a major character is expected to return in the superhero TV series. Though the identity was not confirmed yet, the show's executive producer revealed only one major character will be making a comeback.

‘This Is Us’ Season 2: What to Expect as Per Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz

Trending News - Apr 02, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'This Is Us' Season Finale: Jack Could Have Been Killed In A House Fire

The season 1 finale of "This Is Us" got fans plotting a lot of theories on how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) died. Most of them agree that the male protagonist died in a building on fire while trying to save Miguel's (Jon Huerta's) family.

The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Trending News - Apr 01, 2017 AM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'The Young and the Restless' Apr. 3 to 7 Spoilers: Chloe Admits Killing Adam, Adam Still Alive?

The upcoming episodes from Apr. 3 to 7 for "The Young and the Restless" will feature Paul (Doug Davidson) and Nick's (Joshua Morrow) plan in finding out who killed Adam (Justin Hartley). Since Paul wants to know who Nick thinks killed Adam, he will re-open the investigation case on the explosion. This will lead to the revelation the Chloe is the one behind killing Adam.

'Attack On Titan' Season 2: Music Mixing Completed, New Details For The Upcoming April Release Revealed

Trending News - Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Attack on Titan' Chapter 92 Release Date, Spoilers: 9 Types Of Titans To Appear In Upcoming Marley vs. Eldian War

uring the release of "Attack on Titan" Chapter 91, the Jaw Titan was finally revealed. But this type of titan is only one among many. Once the war between the Eldian and Marley civilization ensues in "Attack on Titan" chapter 92, nine types of titan monsters are expected to be featured as key players.

'Days of our Lives' Apr. 3 to 7 spoilers: Paul and Sonny finally make love.

Trending News - Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT - Yanyan Bartolome

'Days Of Our Lives' Apr. 3 to 7 Spoilers: Chad And Abigail Renewing Their Wedding Vows, Paul and Sonny Finally Makes Love

In the upcoming episodes of "Days of Our Lives" from Apr. 3 to 7, one of the highlights would be Chad and Abby's renewal of their wedding vows. Aside from this event, the week would also feature Paul and Sonny finally making love to each other.

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