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aespa, BTS, AKMU, IU, & More, 2022 Korean Music Awards Nominees!

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Feb 14, 2022 10:58 AM EST

To the delight of netizens and fans, the 2022 Korean Music Awards is fast approaching and the nominees for the awards show have finally been revealed. 

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The 2022 Korean Music Awards is unique compared to other awards shows as they place more emphasis on musical achievements compared to sales numbers.

Thus, here is the full list of categories and nominees for the 2022 Korean Music Awards:

Best Jazz Music Album

Daring Mind by Jihye Lee Orchestra

Blue Flower by Lee Jiyeun Jazz Orchestra

Things We Lost & Found by Nam Yoo Sun

Pseudoscience by SB Circle

The New Old One by Yong Seok Lee

Best Jazz Vocal Album

Love, Like A Song by Bu Young Lee

Golden Rules by Golden Swing Band

My Funny Valentine: Kim Ju Hwan Sings Richard Rodgers Songbook by Kim Ju Hwan

We All Started in Jazz Club by Korea Jazz Guardians

With Strings: Dream of You by Maria Kim

Best Metal & Hardcore Album

Hegemony Shift by AGNES

Detritus of Elysian Creation by AMBROXIAK

Who Defines What's Divine by CRUX

LIBERA ME by Hammering

1st Album by Slant

Necrosis by Spit On My Tomb

Best Folk Album

Drowned by Chun Yong Sung

Petrichor by Jang Pill Soon

COSMOS by Jeon Ho Kwon

There is a Wolf by Lang Lee

Ballad by Lee Joo Young

Best Folk Song

"Barley Tea" by Chun Yong Sung ft. Kang Mal Geum

"Petrichor" by Chun Yong Sung

"The Generation of Tribulation" by Lang Lee

"There is a Wolf" by Lang Lee

"It's Snowing" by Lee Joo Young ft. Earip

Best Electronic Album

Born By Gorgeousness by HAEPAARY

NOWHERE by Haihm

Earwitness by Joyul

Monika by Leesuho


Best Electronic Song

"Forest Illumination" by DOILDOSHI

"The Song of Hope" by eobchae

"go to gpd and then" by HAEPAARY



Best Rap and Hip-Hop Album

Underground Rockstar by Changmo

Independent Music by Choi LB


Fragment by Mild Beats

Net, Trap, Launcher, Capture by unofficialboyy & HAIFHAIF

Best Rap and Hip-Hop Song

"420 Flow" by BILL STAX ft. lobonabeat!

"TAIJI" by Changmo

"DAEBAK Life" by Don Mills ft. Northfacegawd & UNEDUCATED KID

"Blue Lemonade" by Los ft. Hwaji

"Spring Rain" by SINCE ft. Rakon

Best R&B and Soul Album

It's Not Your Fault by DVWN

A.M.P. by jerd

CIRCLE by Mind Combined

Precious by sogumm



Best R&B and Soul Song

"Time Goes By" by hiko ft. george

"H.S.K.T." by LeeHi ft. Wonstein


"Blessed" by THAMA ft. G.Soul

"MIMI" by youra

Best Modern Rock Album

Sand by Bosudong Cooler

The Land of Fantasy by Jannabi

The Volunteers by The Volunteers

The Borderline Between Hope and Despair by Wings of the ISANG

WAVE by Yang Chang Keun

Best Modern Rock Song

"Farewell, My Books!" by Leaves Black

"Dancing in the rain" by Meaningful Stone

"Desert Eagle" by Silica Gel

"Let me go!" by The Volunteers

"Twenty Years Old" by Wings of the ISANG

Best Rock Album

Exile of iZm by Atom Music Heart

Chilgasal by PAKK

Happiness, Flower by Soumbalgwang


Psyche of Eons by Zeonpasa

Best Rock Song

"Noon Moment" by BADLAMB

"Dance" by Soumbalgwang

"One Corner" by TRAP

"Rock & Roll Night" by Wabi King ft. Shin Young

"Lie" by Zeonpasa

Best Pop Album

Next Episode by AKMU

Fragile by eAeon

Lilac by IU

Night Driving by Jeong Cha Sik

City Breeze & Love Song by Kim Hyun Chul

Best Pop Song

"NAKKA" by AKMU ft. IU

"Lilac" by IU

"Traffic light" by Lee Mujin

"How Could You" by Lee Seung Hwan & Sunwoojunga

"When This Rain Stops" by Wendy

Best K-Pop Album

Savage by aespa


Querencia by Chungha


Atlantis by SHINee

Best K-Pop Song

"Next Level" by aespa

"Butter" by BTS


"0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)" by TXT ft. Seori

"After School" by Weeekly

Rookie of the Year



Lee Mujin



Artist of the Year



Kim Hyun Chul

Lang Lee

The Volunteers

Album of the Year

Next Episode by AKMU

Drowned by Chun Yong Sung

Lilac by IU

City Breeze & Love Song by Kim Hyun Chul

There is a Wolf by Lang Lee

Song of the Year

"Next Level" by aespa

"NAKKA" by AKMU ft. IU

"Butter" by BTS

"There is a Wolf" by Lang Lee

"Traffic light" by Lee Mujin

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Excited to see if your favorite artist will win? Tune into the 19th Korean Music Awards which is set to stream live on the 1st of March at 6PM KST! 

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Gel, Silica Gel Desert Eagle, Desert Eagle, Meaningful Stone, Meaningful Stone Dancing in the rain, Dancing in the rain, Leaves Black, Leaves Black Farewell, My Books!, Farewell, My Books!, Yang Chang Keun, Yang Chang Keun WAVE, WAVE, Wings of the ISANG The Borderline Between Hope and Despair, The Borderline Between Hope and Despair, The Volunteers The Volunteers, Jannabi The Land of Fantasy, The Land of Fantasy, Bosudong Cooler, Bosudong Cooler Sand, Sand, youra, youra MIMI, Mimi, THAMA, THAMA Blessed, Blessed, SUMIN & Slom, SUMIN & Slom THE GONLAN SONG, THE GONLAN SONG, LeeHi, LeeHi H.S.K.T., H.S.K.T., hiko Time Goes By, Time Goes By, hiko, THAMA DON'T DIE COLORS, DON'T DIE COLORS, SUMIN & Slom MINISERIES, miniseries, sogumm, sogumm Precious, Precious, Mind Combined, circle, Mind Combined CIRCLE, jerd, jerd A.M.P., DVWN, DVWN It's Not Your Fault, It's Not Your Fault, SINCE Spring Rain, Spring Rain, Los, Los Blue Lemonade, Blue Lemonade, Don Mills, Don Mills DAEBAK Life, DAEBAK Life, Changmo, Changmo TAIJI, TAIJI, BILL STAX, BILL STAX 420 Flow, 420 Flow, Net, TRAP, Launcher, Capture, unofficialboyy & HAIFHAIF Net, TRAP, Launcher, Capture, unofficialboyy & HAIFHAIF, Mild Beats, Mild Beats Fragment, Fragment, Los SKANDALOUZ, SKANDALOUZ, Choi LB, Choi LB Independent Music, Independent Music, Changmo Underground Rockstar, Underground Rockstar, MOONSUN, TOM, MOONSUN TOM, KIRARA, KIRARA HRT, HRT, HAEPAARY go to gpd and then, go to gpd and then, eobchae, eobchae The Song of Hope, The Song of Hope, DOILDOSHI, DOILDOSHI Forest Illumination, Forest Illumination, NET GALA, NET GALA SHINPA, SHINPA, Leesuho Monika, Monika, Leesuho, Joyul, Joyul Earwitness, Earwitness, Haihm, Haihm NOWHERE, NOWHERE, HAEPAARY Born By Gorgeousness, Born By Gorgeousness, Lee Joo Young, Lee Joo Young It's Snowing, It's Snowing, Lang Lee The Generation of Tribulation, The Generation of Tribulation, Chun Yong Sung Petrichor, Petrichor, Chun Yong Sung Barley Tea, Barley Tea, Lee Joo Young Ballad, Ballad, Jeon Ho Kwon, Jeon Ho Kwon COSMOS, COSMOS, Jang Pill Soon, Jang Pill Soon Petrichor, Spit On My Tomb, Spit On My Tomb Necrosis, Necrosis, Slant, Slant 1st Album, 1st Album, Hammering, Hammering LIBERA ME, LIBERA ME, CRUX, CRUX Who Defines What's Divine, Who Defines What's Divine, AMBROXIAK, AMBROXIAK Detritus of Elysian Creation, Detritus of Elysian Creation, AGNES, AGNES Hegemony Shift, Hegemony Shift, Maria Kim, Maria Kim With Strings: Dream of You, With Strings: Dream of You, Korea Jazz Guardians, Korea Jazz Guardians We All Started in Jazz Club, We All Started in Jazz Club, Kim Ju Hwan, Kim Ju Hwan My Funny Valentine: Kim Ju Hwan Sings Richard Rodgers Songbook, My Funny Valentine: Kim Ju Hwan Sings Richard Rodgers Songbook, Golden Swing Band, Golden Swing Band Golden Rules, Golden Rules, Bu Young Lee, Bu Young Lee Love, Like A Song, Love, Like A Song, SB Circle, SB Circle Pseudoscience, Pseudoscience, Nam Yoo Sun, Nam Yoo Sun Things We Lost & Found, Things We Lost & Found, Lee Jiyeun Jazz Orchestra, Lee Jiyeun Jazz Orchestra Blue Flower, Blue Flower, Jihye Lee Orchestra Daring Mind, Daring Mind

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