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A screenshot of the Nintendo Switch.

Apr 20, 2017 AM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

Nintendo Switch Stock Update, News & Predictions: Mini Switch Might Replace 3DS in Near Future

Nintendo Switch stock is updated at GameStop, Amazon and official Nintendo sites. Nintendo can also be expected to release a mini Switch in near future.

Nintendo Switch Preview Event

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT - Amrin Shaikh

Nintendo Switch Stock Updates: Gaming Console is Available On Amazon and GameStop

The new Nintendo Switch Stock is hard to find. Although Nintendo promised to provide enough gaming console in March, the consumers are experiencing the lack of gaming consoles. The new Nintendo Switch was launched last week and sold out on a single day, as expected. With the shortage of gaming consoles, US shoppers are looking overseas for buying Nintendo Switch. In order to meet the demands of the most popular gaming device, giant retailers like amazon took a further step. Now Nintendo Switch is available on Amazon Prime in selected US cities.

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