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Suzy Bae goes drinking and dancing with her girls inside a bar. Photo by Kin Cheung/AP Images

Feb 15, 2018 AM EST - Jonnalyn Cortez

Suzy Reveals New Catching Music Video For 'SObeR'

The 23-year-old star goes drinking and dancing with her girls inside a bar.

Vivo V5s

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Why do Young Koreans Experience Stress During Chuseok and Other Traditional Holidays?

According to a survey of 1,921 workers by a job-seeking portal Job Korea, 69.2 percent, or almost seven out of 10 working Koreans, said they experience stress during traditional holidays, including Chuseok or the Korean Thanksgiving Day due to their nitpicking family members, according to a report from the Korea Times.

PAJU, SOUTH KOREA - SEPTEMBER 15: A North Korean refugee Kim Chang-Yeop (R) and his family members pay respects to their ancestors in North Korea during a ceremony to mark the Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving Day, at the Imjingak Pavilion, near the demili

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Celebrating Chuseok: What You Need to Know About the Korean Thanksgiving Day

For K-Pop fans, Chuseok means that we get to see idols in different Chuseok holiday specials of TV programs. Korean entertainment websites also publish photos of idols in their colorful hanboks while wishing the public a merry and fruitful Chuseok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving Day.

South Korean Companies Encourage Employees To Fully Enjoy ‘Chuseok Holiday’

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT - YuGee

Things to Do in Seoul During the Chuseok Holiday

An article from the Korea Times gave ideas on the various things to do during the Chuseok holiday annually observed in South Korea.

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