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This Is How You Can Effectively Lose Weight By Knowing Your Menstrual Cycle

by Victoria Marian Belmis / May 30, 2022 11:57 AM EDT
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Some women who are on a diet may have experienced that when their menstrual period approaches, they cannot control their appetite and crave sweet foods.

During the menstrual cycle, your body needs extra energy as it prepares for your period, which increases your appetite. Moreover, the hormonal imbalance becomes severe, causing gas to fill the stomach, and the lower abdomen may swell slightly. As body fluids are drained out of the body, it tries to absorb as much water as possible, so we feel heavy and swollen before and two to three days after menstruation.

To effectively lose weight, it is important to understand these changes in the body and manage them according to the reproductive cycle.

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The female reproductive cycle is divided into follicular-ovulatory-luteal phases with an average cycle of 28 days. The ovulation period and menstrual cycle are about two weeks apart, and this process is repeated every month if the woman has not become pregnant or menopause has not yet occurred.

The difference between ovulation and the menstrual cycle is about two weeks, but usually, one week after menstruation can be regarded as the golden period for diet.

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A week before menstruation

A week before menstruation, the premenstrual syndrome often occurs, but as a woman's hormones change, various physical and emotional changes occur.

Hormonal changes cause swelling, increased appetite, depression, severe mood swings, and abdominal pain before menstruation appears. At this time, it can be said that it is a difficult time to lose weight because the appetite continues to increase and the symptoms of wanting to eat sweet food occur.

In this case, exercise for less than 30 minutes should not put excessive stress on the body. It is also best to avoid lifting heavy loads.

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During menstruation

When the premenstrual syndrome ends and menstruation begins, unlike before, appetite is reduced and metabolism is lowered, so there is not much strength left to lose weight.

During menstruation, there is a lot of bleeding, so anemia may occur. Therefore, it is not advised that one should go on a starving diet.

Eat a lot of nutritious food and pay attention to your health, but it is good to relax your body through light stretching.

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A week after menstruation

It can be said that it is the golden age of diet as it is the time to lose weight well from the end of menstruation to one week after menstruation.

In this period, no matter how much you eat, subcutaneous fat does not accumulate well, and the body is light after menstruation, so it is a good time to exercise. At this time, if you proceed with high-intensity exercise and diet, you can see the effect even more.

You should pay attention to warming up before exercise and stretching after exercise. For muscle growth, eat a protein-rich diet such as chicken breast and quinoa.

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Two weeks after menstruation (ovulation)

Two weeks after menstruation ends, ovulation begins. Ovulation is the period when mature eggs are released from a woman's ovaries, and hormonal changes occur. There is no significant change in the visible figures, but if you consistently exercise during this period, you can feel the weight loss gradually after the ovulation period is over.

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Improve exercise endurance

It is good to plan a diet wisely using the menstrual period. Lose weight through regular exercise and nutrition.

Meanwhile, you may improve your exercise endurance with pomegranate as the polyphenols in it may increase the length of time you're able to partake in a physical activity before getting tired. Research has shown that pomegranate supplements like the Umeken Pomegranate Zakuro Ball EX do not only have the potential to improve endurance but also muscle recovery. Not only that but pomegranate is also packed with nutrients and rich in antioxidants for improved overall health.

It is best to always remember that losing weight is not just starving yourself but can be done healthily. If you have concerns, it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider. 

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