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On Bullying Accusations: (G)IDLE Soojin Explains Her Side Of The Story

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Mar 22, 2021 06:09 AM EDT
(G)I-DLE Soojin

(G)I-DLE Soojin was one of the K-Pop idols embroiled in a series of school bullying accusations. A lot has happened since the first allegations were posted by alleged bullying victims, and on March 19th, (G)I-DLE's main dancer took it upon herself to explain her side of the story.

In a post on the fan platform, "U-CUBE," Soojin posted her point-of-view about the rumors surrounding her.

Soojin started her long post by apologizing to fans and everyone affected due to the issue surrounding her. The "Hwaa" singer wrote six points to elaborately explain her story. In her statements, Soojin addresses the victim as "B."

First, Soojin explained why she was able to identify the anonymous poster. The idol revealed that sometime before the online post was made, the author reached out to some of Soojin's schoolmates requesting her photographs. Soojin clarified that she was familiar with the alleged victim's sister and deduced their identity from the Instagram username of the accuser.

Second, the "'LATATA" singer debunked the claims about her causing the victim to suffer from "thrombocytopenia." 

"At the meeting between B's unnie and my company's representative, the period of time they claimed this disease rose up was around my last year of high school. This was quite some time after the period of that school violence allegedly took place. So we told them this was unlikely to have been caused by school violence. After the meeting in the post they made, they repeated the unconfirmed information though school violence was not the reason, there should have been some influence. Due to opinions they should not be talking about the TCP issue as if it was confirmed, they have deleted all mentions of it in the end," Soojin wrote.

Third, Soojin clarified the alleged argument they had over the phone, saying, " Firstly, during the meetup with B, I apologized multiple times sincerely for having cursed her out over the phone. I couldn't acknowledge any part of the juice incident. When I was crafting my first statement, I remembered the telephone incident as true, but I didn't remember the juice incident as they have detailed. I used the expression that I didn't remember the issue. Looking back, the statement could have caused confusion through my diction and hence I will accept all reprimands about it."

"I haven't ever bullied or led violence or took anything from B. Apart from the situation above, I have never bullied anyone," Soojin added.

Fourth, Soojin claimed that the P.E. incident involving her and the victim did not happen.

Fifth, Soojin denied other bullying accusations. 

"There was an incident where my mother was called to the school due to a school violence committee opening and meeting. However, it was an incident where I was called up despite not being related to the matter. I remember how my mother came out of the meeting room crying. My mother has never acted complacently. Afterwards, the teachers talked to the students privately, and through that, it was revealed I was not at fault," Soojin explained.

Sixth, and lastly, the (G)I-DLE member explained why she used a representative instead of personally meeting the alleged victim for the first time.

"After the accusatory post went up, my company requested a meeting with me and B through DMs. However, the unnie said B was uncomfortable and rejected meeting personally. So the company chose to be considerate of B and suggested they meet up with a representative instead. I wanted to speak with B personally, but as we received the DM that B was uncomfortable, we continued on with letting the representative meet instead. I wasn't trying to avoid meeting her personally. During the meeting I had with B, B acknowledged I requested to meet up with her first as well," the (G)I-DLE member revealed.

As of the moment, Soojin is taking a break from all official activities with (G)I-DLE.

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