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K-pop Radar’s ‘Weekly Top 50 Music Video’ Rankings include BTS, ATEEZ, aespa And More

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Mar 09, 2021 11:37 AM EST

On March 9th, K-Pop Radar released the list of the most viewed K-Pop music videos for the 10th week of 2021. Read through the article to see if your bias made the list.

#50 "Save ME" by BTS with 1,939,040 views.

#49  "Love Scenario" by iKON with 2,155,195 views.

#48 "NUNU NANA" by Jessi with 2,171,797 views.

#47 "Sugar" by Wooseok Kim with 2,236,521 views.

#46  "You and I found the sky" at 5:53 by Tomorrow by Together with 2,273,582 views.

#45 "What is Love?" by TWICE (twice) with 2,275,424 views.

#44 "FANCY" by TWICE (twice) with 2,317,670 views.

#43 "Feel Special" by TWICE (twice) with 2,336,105 views.

#42 "Black Mamba" by Aespa with 2,414,645 views.

#41 "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)" by NCT U with 2,487,016 views.

#40 "HIP" by Mamamoo with 2,495,534 views.

#39 "Mmm (Mmmh)" by Kai (KAI) with 2,548,233 views.

#38 "Playing with fire" by BLACKPINK with 2,565,140 views.

#37 "Bang Bang Bang" by BIGBANG with 2,655,563 views.

#36 "Psycho" by Red Velvet with 2,792,844 views.

#35 "Black Swan" by BTS with 2,860,374 views.

#34 "Back Door" by Stray Kids with 2,915,473 views.

#33 "whistle" by BLACKPINK with 2,962,187 views.

#32 "Blood sweat tears" by BTS with 3,030,741views.

#31 "Love Shot" by EXO with 3,060,476 views.

#30 "A big blow" by Agust D with 3,093,556 views.

#29 "Maria" by Hwa Sa with 3,207,508 views.

#28 "SOLO" by JENNIE with 3,361,708 views.

#27 "God menu" by Stray Kids with 3,573,010 views.

#26 "WANNABE" by ITZY (Yes) with 3,629,453 views.

#25 "Celebrity" by IU with 3,880,711 views.

#24 "Like the last" by BLACKPINK by 3,928,589 views.

#23 "FAKE LOVE" by BTS with 4,121,198 views.

#22 "IDOL" by BTS with 4,675,302 views.

#21 "DNA" by BTS with 5,034,180 views.

#20 "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) (Feat. Desiigner)" by BTS with 5,096,048 views.

#19 "Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)" by BLACKPINK with 5,174,311 views.

#18 "Beautiful Beautiful" by On and Off (ONF) with 5,288,347 views.

#17 "Lovesick Girls" by BLACKPINK with 5,407,238 views.

#16 'Life Goes On" by BTS with 5,482,471 views.

#15 "I CAN'T STOP ME" by TWICE (twice) with 5,513,572 views.

#14 "Boombayah" by BLACKPINK with 6,139,083 views.

#13 "Don't Call Me" by SHINee with 6,509,810 views.

#12 "Boy With Luv feat. Halsey" by BTS with 7,132,983 views.

#11 "Kill This Love" by BLACKPINK with 7,255,317 views.

#10 "Ddu-du DDU-DU" by BLACKPINK with 7,328,544 views.

#9 "How You Like That" by BLACKPINK with 7,460,432 views.

#8 "Why Why Why" by iKON with 7,845,894 views.

#7 "Gangnam style" by Psy (PSY) with 9,188,791 views.

#6 "Cinema" by CIX (CIX) with 9,229,950 views.

#5 "Tail (TAIL)" by Sunmi with 9,543,513 views.

#4 "Get Away" by VERIVERY with 10,963,113 views.

#3 "Forever (promise)" by Aespa with 12,279,987 views.

#2 "Fire play (I'm The One)" by ATEEZ (에이티즈) with 14,435,504 views.

#1 "Dynamite" by BTS with 14,571,853 views.

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