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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83 Preview Trailer, Spoilers, News, Updates: Will Vegeta Fight?

by Tarun Mazumdar / Mar 19, 2017 10:40 PM EDT
‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83 Preview Trailer, Spoilers, News, Updates: Will Vegeta Fight?

Bulma is ready to give birth to her daughter and Vegeta is freaking out, but Goku wants him to take part in the Tournament of Power. The preview for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 revolves around what happens in the episode entitled "Form the Universe 7 Team! Who are the Strongest Ten?!"

Warning: This article contains spoilers from "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. Read if you want to know more.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 Preview Trailer Video

Note: The preview trailer will be released as soon as "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 concludes. Stay tuned for the video.

Update: The video trailer has been released. Watch "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 promo below.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 Spoilers: Will Vegeta Participate in The Tournament of Power?

According to Jump spoilers shared by Herms98, Goku looks for members to form the Universe 7 team. The Tournament of Power is about to begin, Goku wants tough fighters to be in the team. He has realised, after his battle against Toppo, that fighters of other universes are formidable.

As Goku and others come back on Earth, they start looking for members who can win a tough battle against fighters like Toppo. Meanwhile, in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83, Bulma is expecting her daughter to arrive soon and Vegeta is freaking out. Goku meets Vegeta and proposes that he participates in the epic event as it is a great opportunity. But, Vegeta turns down Goku's offer as he wants to be by Bulma's side at this time. Goku asks Whis san if he can convince Vegeta to enter the Tournament of Power.

Can Goku convince Vegeta? Can Goku gather the best of fighters for the Tournament of Power? We will find out in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 scheduled to air on Sunday, Mar. 26 on Fuji TV.

Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 spoilers, news and updates. Share your views in the comments section below.

Credit: YouTube/Super Universe

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