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TWICE’s Nayeon, NCT’s Haechan, & More, The Most Distinctive & Recognizable Voices In The K-Pop Industry!

by Victoria Marian Belmis / Nov 22, 2021 06:11 AM EST
TWICE's Nayeon

Being able to sing and/or rap in the K-pop industry is something K-pop artists should be able to do. But some K-pop idols have such an amazing and recognizable voice, K-pop fans almost immediately recognize them the moment a single note is heard.

Just recently, fans went on to vote on which K-pop idols have the most distinct voice in the K-pop industry. Here are their choices:

#9 EXO's Baekhyun

EXO Baekhyun's strong voice makes it distinct. Beyond this, the EXO member also has very good vocal expressions when he sings or raps.

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BLACKPINK's Rosé, the main vocalist of the group, has such a unique voice due to her silky accent and sweet melodious notes.

#7 BTS's V

BTS's V is known for his husky voice, making it instantaneously recognizable. Beyond this, he is the only baritone in BTS, thus making fans immediately know how he sounds.

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#6 Hyolyn

One of the few K-pop idols who can reach a distinct high note, Hyolyn is recognizable to fans due to her sweet and strong notes, aside from her visuals.

#5 TXT's Taehyun

Taehyun of TXT has a very powerful voice which makes his vocal range very distinct. Bouncing from high to low notes is nothing to the TXT member.

#4 Red Velvet's Joy

Evident in her solo debut, Red Velvet's Joy has a very sweet voice which has a comforting texture, making fans immediately aware that it is her behind the mic whenever she sings.

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#3 NCT's Haechan

Haechan of NCT has always had a very unique voice among his peers. He both has a light, yet powerful voice which makes his harmonization with the other members of NCT effortless.

#2 TWICE's Nayeon

 Nayeon, TWICE's unnie, has a very distinct voice due to her very soft yet recognizable tones. It also helps that the TWICE member mostly sings first in almost all TWICE title tracks.

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#1 HyunA

One of the most popular female soloists today, HyunA's voice is so beloved and well-known by fans that her recent comeback and debut with her boyfriend Dawn just showed how easy it is for her to meld with other voices.

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