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'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Will Goku vs Kefla Lead to Vegito Fusion?

by John Rosca / Oct 30, 2017 05:13 AM EDT
Is This The New Super Warrior In The Tournament Of Power? Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Discussion

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes 114 and 115 will see the emergence of a new "super warrior" who will battle Son Goku in the Tournament of Power. But while that may sound cool, it's very likely that it's all a setup for Goku's future transformation that will allow him to defeat Jiren the Grey. "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers coming up.

The Reddit thread for "Super Spoilers" provides a lot of info about the upcoming episodes. According to the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 114-115 spoilers, the next episode is titled "Intimidating Passion! The Birth of a New Super Warrior!!" The title uses the same kind of language that has described the emergence of fusion warriors in the past.

There have been a number of theories regarding the New Super Warrior, including the idea that it refers to Kale in her berserker form. But the phrasing of the title points toward a fusion, and furthermore, the next episode preview trailer practically confirms it. Let's take a look at the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 114 preview trailer:

The New Super Warrior is clearly wearing a Potara earring, the artifact that enables fusion. Additional confirmation comes from "Dragon Ball Super" episode 115 writer Toshio Yoshita. Comicbook.com reports that he posted a tweet that says, "EP115. Goku vs Kefla. What's Kefla!?"

That's the name of the New Super Warrior, which is a fusion of the names of Kale and Caulifla, which is pretty definitive: the two female Saiyans will fuse together into Kefla. If that's not enough, the official Fuji TV summary states that Caulifla and Kale use their "combination" to fight Goku.

The unexpected appearance of a Potara fusion warrior could very well rock the tournament. The use of a Potara earring would be bending or breaking the rules of the competition. But it may be allowed due to a couple of loopholes. First of all, the Potara earring is technically speaking not a weapon that is used to attack another fighter. Still, it does offer an advantage to the user in fighting.

The greater possibility is that the Potara fusion will be allowed because the Zenos like it. As Geekdom101 notes, the Zenos previously allowed Master Roshi to use the mafuba jar. They will probably let Caulifla and Kale go ahead with their Kefla fusion.

But if they allow Caulifla and Kale to use it, they could hardly prohibit other fighters from using it later in the tournament. That is a good argument for the return of Vegito. Goku is surely going to defeat Kefla and he may be able to get hold of the Potara earring. Then there would be no stopping him from becoming a fusion warrior with Vegeta.

It's very likely that we will see Vegito in "Dragon Ball Super" before long. It may be the only way that anyone will have a chance to defeat Jiren.

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