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‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Date, News & Update: George RR Martin Confirmed Book Done, Revealed ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Details?

by Serena Vanderwoodsen / Mar 20, 2017 08:02 AM EDT
George R.R. Martin Confirms “The Winds of Winter” Release Date in 2016

Details about the official release of "The Winds of Winter" novel remain scarce up to now, which pushed fans to create their own theories and speculations. Recently, new reports are claiming that George RR Martin has already confirmed that he is done writing the tome, which is reportedly on his 70th birthday party.

Rumors have it that George RR Martin has already finished writing "The Winds of Winter" book after hinting it on his blog. The New Mexican writer has written an entry entitled "Season 7 Is Coming," which discussed about the imminent "Game of Thrones" Season 7.

In his post, George RR Martin has confirmed that July 16, 2017 is the official premiere of the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 on HBO. The author of "The Winds of Winter" has also given some of the things avid fanatics of the popular series should expect in the imminent seventh installment.

"There will be gala premieres as usual, of course. Not sure of the details on those yet," George RR Martin has written on his blog entry. "But I do know that we hope to have another premiere party right here in Santa Fe, at the Jean Cocteau Cinema... and that we will be running a Season 6 marathon in the weeks running up to the new season, so you can refresh yourselves on what happened last year, and enjoy all the action on our big medium-sized screen," "The Winds of Winter" author has added.

Meanwhile, NME has reported George RR Martin is totally releasing "The Winds of Winter" novel before 2017 ends. While avid followers of the veteran author are convinced that the official release will soon be announced, the mind behind "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series has made it clear that he is not done with the book yet.

There were even speculations saying that "The Winds of Winter" might hit the shelves on Sept. 20, 2017, which is the 70th birthday of George RR Martin, Korea Portal previously shared. However, up until now, the New Mexican author has not confirmed these claims as of yet.

The official release date of "The Winds of Winter" remains unclear until now. Stay tuned to Korea Portal for more news and updates about "The Winds of Winter" novel!

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