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'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Update: Saiyan Race Will Be Featured; Dragon God Salama Inclusion Still Uncertain

by Jessica Rapir / Apr 09, 2018 04:44 AM EDT
Fans are hoping that Dragon God Salama will appear in the in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. Photo by Dragon Ball Super/Facebook Video Screenshot

Dragon Ball Super TV series aired the Universe Survival Saga final episode last month. Fans are now wondering whether or not Dragon God Salama will appear in the in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. If so, will his identity be revealed too?

Many are expected a Salama appearance since he is the creator of the Super Dragon Balls and their divine dragon Super Shenron. In the season finale of Dragon Ball Super Season 5, Shenron was shown but he never mentions Salama. The Dragon God's identity has been kept a secret in Dragon Ball Super episodes. Aside from the ability to make the magical orbs that can grant any kind of wish, the scoop of power is still unknown.

The Dragon Ball Super movie was first announced late last year. Toei Animation and Dragon Ball franchise creator Akira Toriyama, however, are very secretive about the project. Aside from teasing "Saiyan" and the "historical number of character" during the movie announcement, they haven't revealed much about it.

Toei and Toriyama remain tight-lipped about the film other than stating that it will focus on the origin of the Saiyan race. Toriyama said the storyline will focus on the origin of the Saiyan and its transformation to super race. This could mean that the movie will take viewers back to Planet Sadala, which came back into prominence in the Japanese anime television series.

Moreover, reports indicate that the film will pick up from the recently concluded anime series. This means that even though it will revolve around the Saiyans, it may still touch some topics about the creator of the seven mythical orbs.

At the moment, there is still no confirmation from either Toei Animation or Toriyama whether Salama will be in the movie or not. For now, here are the other details that we know about the upcoming 20th film of the anime franchise.

What To Expect In Dragon Ball Super movie

Fans could expect a different look of Goku. The hero will get an entirely new design from the new creative team of the franchise. A new villain will be introduced in the movie too, ComicBook reported.

Ancient Saiyans, named Yamoshi, is expected to be featured in the movie as well. He will reportedly gather five others to free Planet Sadala of corrupt and evil Saiyans. Later on, he will transform into the very first Super Saiyan God.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Trailer

The first trailer for Dragon Ball Super movie was dropped recently. It offers a glimpse of Goku's next adventure after the Tournament of Power. It shows Goku preparing for battle on an isolated land covered with ice and his new enemy is shown way above the mountain cliff. The antagonist's face is not revealed, but he appears to be wearing some Saiyan armor. Dragon Ball Super movie is set to be released on December 14, 2018. 

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