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BTS' Suga, Suran Dating Rumors: 'Wine' Hitmaker Denies Claims In Lengthy Post On Instagram

by Jonnalyn Cortez / Apr 02, 2018 04:38 AM EDT
As Big Hit Entertainment denied the claims, the 31-year-old songwriter, also known by her stage names Elena and Baily Shoo, explained her side social media account. Photo by 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot

Rumors that the Korean singer Suran and the BTS member Suga are dating have been swirling, thanks to the "Wine" hitmaker's posts. As Big Hit Entertainment denied the claims, the 31-year-old songwriter, also known by her stage names Elena and Baily Shoo, explained her side of the story on a personal social media account.

In a lengthy post, translated into English by Metro, Suran denied the rumors that she is dating BTS' Suga. The latter just produced her song "Wine" in 2017, which was released in the same year. The hearsays started when she shared a post that has a word "Yoongi" in her caption. 

As the word mentioned above has the same spelling as Suga's real name, Min Yoon-gi, Suran's followers assumed that she was referring to him. "I would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who might have been hurt because of me," she said along with a blank wall photo.

Suran explained that when she used the word "Yoongi," she meant "flowing with radiance or shine." The origin of her post was actually from a macaron that someone gave her. As she was full of ideas and in a really good mood because of eating the desert, she wanted to promote it at the time. Thus, the post has nothing to do with BTS' Suga.

 안녕하세요 수란입니다. 우선, 본의 아니게 저로 인해 상처받아 마음 아팠던 분들이 계시다면 진심으로 사과 드립니다. 생각에 윤기난다는 문구는 ‘반지르르한 윤기가 흐르는’ 의 의미로 사용한 표현이고, 달달한 디저트 한입에 아이디어 가득한 생각이 떠올라 좋아진 기분에, 제 행복해진 마음을 전하기 위한 표현이었습니다. 단순히, 지인이 만들어 보내준 마카롱이 예쁘고 고마워서 홍보하고 싶어 올린 게시물일 뿐 입니다. 스페인을 의미한 S, 매거진 촬영 스튜디오에 있던 푸들 강아지 등, 상상하신 모든 것들은 전혀 다른, 지극히 개인적인 사연들이 담긴 게시물들입니다. 저는 평소 추상적인 표현을 자주 합니다. 그 표현이 일반적이지 않다는 엄청난 비난을 받는 것에 큰 충격과 상처를 받고 있습니다. 고통스러운 마음에 게시물들을 지워야 하나 고민도 해보았지만 이곳은 개인적인 저의 SNS 공간이고, 게시물들을 쓰면서 불순한 마음을 가진 것이 아니기에 그대로 두는 것이 저의 진심을 알리는 길이 아닐까 생각해봅니다. 저는, 그냥 음악하는 사람입니다 가볍게 시작하지도 쉽게 살아오지도 않았습니다. 끊임없이 다음 목적지 더 나은 음악을 향해 가고 있을 뿐 입니다.. 작년에 만난 SUGA 와도 음악 소통이 관계의 전부였고 그이상도 이하도 아니었습니다. 그럼에도 불구하고, 계속해서 오해를 하는 분들이 많은 것 같아 답답한 마음이 큽니다. 시간이 지나도 멈추지 않는 저에 대한 욕설과 분노를 어떤식으로 풀어야 할지 막막해 생각할 시간이 필요했습니다. 365일 24시간. 공인이기 때문에 긴장 속에 누군가를 항상 의식해야 하고 제 주위의 모든 사람 모든 상황을 고려하고 컨트롤 해가며 게시물을 올려야 한다고 생각하니.. 아무것도 할 수 없는 것은 아닌지, 음악까지도 검열해야 하고 항상 긴장하고 걱정해야 하는 것은 아닌지, 생각이 꼬리에 꼬리를 뭅니다. 다시 한 번, 진심으로 사과 드립니다. 더 많이 생각하고 고민하는 뮤지션이 되겠습니다.

A post shared by  수란(Suran) (@suranelenashin) on Mar 31, 2018 at 7:55am PDT

In connection with her other posts, Suran also explained that the S she shared was about Spain, the poodle dog in the magazine shooting studio. Also, her other posts are all personal posts of her and not connected to anyone, especially to Suga, as most people think.

"I am greatly shocked and hurt by all the criticisms I have received for using expressions that are not common," she said. If truth be told, Suran thought of deleting her posts because she was bothered by the comments. However, she believed that it is her personal "SNS" space and she didn't do it with any bad intentions. So, she will just leave it as it is to show she is not doing anything wrong.

She then said that she just met BTS member Suga last year because of her song "Wine." Suran then insisted that talking about music was their only connection—"nothing more and nothing less." She expressed her frustration as there are a lot of people who misunderstand her posts and continuously curse her as they assume the two are dating.

On the other hand, Big Hit Entertainment also denied the claims that its very own BTS member Suga and Suran are dating, All Kpop reported. "The dating rumors about Suran and SUGA are not true," it said in a statement released on March 27. It also explained that they have only worked to produce music together.

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