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Guinness World Records: Indian Snatched Title from Brit for the "Most Straws Stuffed In The Mouth" (Video)

by Maureen Santos / Nov 21, 2017 04:52 AM EST
Manoj Kumar Maharana from India broke the record for the "Most Straws Stuffed In The Mouth" by stuffing 459 straws in his mouth.

Breaking a record in the Guinness World Records sure is a tough thing. But for an Indian man, overcoming the challenge seems like a piece of cake.

Manoj Kumar Maharana is from Odisha, India and has just broken a world record for the Guinness World Records by stuffing his mouth with 459 drinking straws. The 23-year-old new record breaker beat former British title holder, Simon Elmore who stuffed his mouth with 400 straws during the Mark 'n' Simon Show in Germany, according to the Guinness World Records.

Even as a child, Maharana has always dreamed of getting a Guinness World Records title. As he grew older, his determination to become a title holder gets stronger following the feat of the previous title holder who held the record for eight years.

Mashable notes that the rule to achieve this record, the straws should be put in the mouth in just one stuffing and no hands will insert more straws. or pick up those that fell out and insert it again in his mouth. Maharana tied the straws with rubber bands to form bundles. In that way, he will not need to put additional straws in his mouth or insert those that fell out.

In addition to the rule, the straws need to stay in his mouth for at least 10 seconds and not even a single straw should fall out. He was able to withstand the attempt without any straws falling from his mouth which makes him the new title holder for the "Most Straws Stuffed In The Mouth".

Guinness World Records challenge of putting straws in the mount has another version. This time, challengers could use their hands to fill in their mouths with straws and at the same time hold them to prevent it from falling out.

Record holder Guinness Rishi from Indian won the title by inserting a total of 496 straws in his mouth on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India located in Todega, Mumbai.

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