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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 112: A Saiyan Falls in Battle

by John Rosca / Oct 23, 2017 08:09 AM EDT
Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Preview

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 112 follows the major elimination in the Tournament of Power last week. The new episode gives Vegeta something to do and climaxes with yet another elimination, this time of a Saiyan. Spoilers to follow.

The episode "A Saiyan's Vow! Vegeta's Resolve!!" is a spotlight episode for Cabba, the young Saiyan from Universe 6. Cabba has long been a character with a lot of potential, given that he's a youthful fighter who is a student of Vegeta. His evolution into a great warrior is a potentially rich storyline, but until now, Cabba has tended to languish in the background since the Champa arc, as UnrealEntGaming notes.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 112, he finally gets more screen time as Cabba steps up in the wake of Hit's elimination. He decides to battle some of the "lesser" competitors by himself so that Caulifla and Kale can conserve their energy for stronger opponents. As Hidden Remote notes, Cabba calls them the "secret weapons" of Universe 6, which suggests they will be playing a big role later in the tournament.

Thus when the Universe 4 fighter Monna challenges Caulifla, Cabba takes her place. Monna is no slouch, and Cabba soon finds himself struggling in the fight against her. He enters his Super Saiyan form to battle Monna.

But the Universe 4 warrior turns her body into a massive wrecking ball and hurts Cabba so badly, he comes out of Super Saiyan form. Monna almost bounces him out of the tournament grounds, but Cabba is saved when Vegeta grabs his hand to keep him from falling.

Cabba is thankful for his rescue, but Vegeta is angry at him and even knees him in the stomach. Vegeta says that he wants to know if Cabba intends to keep his vow. He reminds the Cabba that he promised to take Vegeta to the planet Sadala. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 112's title "A Saiyan's Vow! Vegeta's Resolve" refers entirely to this scene, suggesting it will be important and will come into play again in the future.

He then tells Cabba that he plans to win the tournament and use the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect Universe 6 and its fighters. Then Cabba will be able to honor his vow to his master.

Vegeta tells Cabba to fight without regret as a Saiyan. Inspired by his master's words, Cabba goes to fight Monna once more. He turns Super Saiyan and defeats the fighter from Universe 4.

But then Frieza comes to challenge Cabba. The former emperor tells Cabba that he loathes Saiyans. Cabba turns Super Saiyan and blasts him, but he has transformed into Golden Frieza and easily eliminates the young Saiyan. Frieza reveals that he plans to win the Super Dragon Balls so that he can control the gods themselves.

Meanwhile, Vegeta finds himself in a battle against Toppo. Goku is confronted by Caulifla, who challenges him to fight her. And that's where "Dragon Ball Super" episode 112 leaves the audience for now.

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