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Sclera Modification Gone Wrong: Model's Eyesight Is Affected And Will Suffer Forever; Warns People Not To Undergo The Procedure

by Elon A. / Oct 02, 2017 05:38 AM EDT
Model shares harrowing pics of the damage caused by a ‘bio hacker’ procedure to dye her eye PURPLE

Tattoos are common these days. For some, they have this body modification as a form of art or to have their loved ones permanently written in their bodies. However, one model is currently advising everyone not do this on a specific body part which is the eyes. She shared he horrific incident that changed her life.

A former model from Ottawa Canada, Catt Gallinger decided to get a sclera tattoo. After which, she shared her disturbing pictures of her eyes. This is weeks after she undergone treatment and she said that it is the biggest mistake that she had ever done.

The sclera modification is known for changing a person's eye color. A specialist would inject a liquid into the eyeball to stain the white and change it the color that client wants. This modification has to become popular these days, according to UK star.

In line, Catt Gallinger said that her eyeball quickly began to exude purple liquid out of her eyes. Thus, she went to the hospital where she was then given a dose of antibiotic drops. She then revealed images how her eyes react to the medicine, and it swells up like a balloon.

As follows, three weeks after, the doctor then gave her steroid drops. However, her blurry vision and pain still remained and the purple liquid appears to be clumping around the cornea. Catt said that the purpose of this eye modification is to "make me feel more at home in my body," according to Sun online.

Furthermore, Catt now warns everybody not to try this body modification. The former model mentioned that she had canceled any of her future work and she had already spent hundreds of prescriptions over the as weeks. Also, the both doctors and surgeons have told her that her eyesight will no longer be better.

Thus, the surgeons said that her sclera tore from the size of the needle that was used, also the amount of ink that has been inserted. Catt also mentioned that the doctor was concerned that the equipment was not sterile. The experts have found an infection that is stuck in the excess ink.

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